Monday, December 2, 2019

Monday Musings: December 2

I know my intention was to publish this segment weekly, but joining NaNoWriMo meant that all my free time went towards writing, not blogging. This was in addition to editing, Thanksgiving, and other family obligations.

Writing Updates
I have an entirely different reflection about the NaNoWriMo experience. However, I did manage to complete the first draft of one book and nearly finish the second. (I finished it Sunday morning.) For this particular series, I have a target word count per chapter. In Book 1, I have edited many of the chapters to reach that goal; only two or three are still short. In Book 2, all fifteen chapters fall short.
I haven't forgotten about my other projects. My writers meeting has been critiquing my camp story every other week. I've also had some great ideas for Boarding School Blues that I have been sure to write down for when I do go back to working on that project.

About a week into NaNoWriMo, I outlined the entire series (which for now I will refer to as "X") and figured out what will make it unique. It also will have a finite ending: twelve books. Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I will continue working on this series. I think I might try to get all twelve books done (at least the rough draft) before switching back to my other projects.

Work In Progress Wonders
Despite NaNoWriMo, I have completed a number of editing projects this month. I have a new client with whom I will be doing several projects. This is my first repeat client and I am so thrilled to have found this long-term relationship. I have also been editing journal articles this month, a process I enjoy even though it can be tedious at times.

Thanksgiving & Other Family Stuff
Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family. Our family planned on visiting a specific children's museum on our way to visit family. Two weeks before Thanksgiving, however, we purchased a new (to us) family vehicle, a twelve passenger van. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, we're driving home from church when my son starts screaming that it was raining inside the van. Long story short, one of the sealed windows (ie: it cannot open) was leaking. When we pulled off one of the rear panels, we discovered it was actually a pretty bad leak. The vehicle was still covered under the manufacture's warranty, but it still took two days for the repair to be completed. Thus, we were unable to visit the museum. We went to a different museum on the way home, but I'm hoping to visit the first one soon.

Next Goals
Now that NaNoWriMo is over, what are my goals for this week? Well, I'm hoping to start Book 3 of the X series. I also will be having my writing group critique another chapter of the camp story this week. I have at least one editing project to complete, but I'm hoping for a few more journal articles this week. And, above all, I'm hoping to post a new musing next week.

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