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One dedicated doctor. One playboy pilot. Is the moon still romantic when you're stuck orbiting it with your estranged best friend?

In the year 2093, Captain Jason Tyler, one of the best pilots in the fleet, has been selected to run the daily transport shuttles to the surface of the moon. His charismatic personality and mesmerizing smile charms everyone around him. Except for the one person who matters the most.

Doctor Anika Verde has managed to earn dual medical degrees and be the chief medical technician by the age of thirty. Excited about her new position as the only medic on the new space station orbiting the moon, she loves the idea that being six hours away from the nearest hospital gives frontier medicine a new meaning.

Once upon a time, Anika and Tyler were inseparable. Now, she can't stand to be in the same room as him and he has no idea why. When missing medical supplies, construction accidents, and deadly viruses force these former friends to work together, will they be able to put aside their differences, or are they destined to be mooncrossed?

Kayaks, Kisses & Monsters

Kayaks, Kisses & Monsters

A summer of kayaking sounds perfect. Until the lake monster appears.

For Ellie, getting paid to spend her summer outside sounds like the ideal internship, even if it means paddling up and down a river twelve hours a day. Sure, she's never actually been in a kayak before, but how hard could it be?

At least she knows how to set up camp at night. Unlike her co-worker. Though Clay may be captain of the crew team, she could teach him a thing or two about spending the night in a sleeping bag. 

And then there's the whole lake monster thing. Of course, Ellie knows water monsters aren't real but Clay doesn't seem convinced, especially after a boater goes missing. When mysterious accidents threaten her job security, Ellie starts to wonder why the "monster" wants her gone.

Elephant on My Chest

Elephant on My Chest

He's the vile boy next door. Who also knows her biggest secret.

Sixteen-year-old Izzy is excited about the all-school ski trip. She is looking forward to learning to ski, even if she will be the only one on the bunny hill. Of course, she has to first make it through a five-hour bus ride with the vilest—albeit cutest—boy in school. And survive the roommates who keep breaking her one rule: "No sleeping with your boyfriend in my bed!"

When an unexpected power outage triggers a panic attack, Izzy is forced to tell Pug her biggest secret. She's even more surprised to learn his, spending the rest of the long weekend looking at her enemy in a new light.

But their secrets are nothing compared to the one Izzy's mother has been keeping for sixteen years. When Izzy discovers the truth, she must learn to confront her panic disorder or else live with the elephant sitting on her chest.

Warning: This book describes panic attacks. If this will trigger you, this book may not be for you.

Camp Piquaqua

Camp Piquaqua

Ana has the perfect job. Unfortunately, it means working with TJ.

We quickly huddled together, burying our heads under our bags. I lost track of time under the table with TJ's arm around me, shielding me from the storm. I was surprised that this annoying creature could make me feel so safe. I squeezed my eyes shut as a barrage of unfamiliar noises assaulted my ears and wondered whether I would ever open them again.

Seventeen-year-old Ana cannot wait for summer, when she gets to co-lead the overnight hikes at her uncle's family camp. Sure, it means working with her brother-in-law, TJ, a boy her age whom she cannot stand. But, she is willing to put aside their differences in order to have a fantastic summer. When tragedy strikes, Ana and TJ must work together, with the help of the legendary piquaqua bird, to help restore the camp in time for summer.

Becoming Birgit

Becoming Birgit

When I went to bed, I dreamt that a girl slightly younger than I was sitting at my desk in my room, writing in her reflections journal. Her unkempt hair reached halfway down her back and her head was bowed low to the desk as she wrote feverishly. After a moment, the girl looked up and her soft brown eyes caught sight of me. She put down her pen, closed her journal, and stood, turning to face me. As she handed me her journal, she spoke in a quiet, pleading voice.

"I know you don't think much of me now," she began. "But, my writing is immature. Give me a chance to grow before you make your decision."

She was gone in the blink of an eye and I was left standing in the middle of my room with the journal in my hand.

When Birgit discovers an old diary, she assumes reading it will help her identify the author. As she delves deeper into the journal, however, she receives the guidance to learn more about herself and her Catholic identity than she ever anticipated.

Adjusting to a New Life

Lesson 1:
Adjusting to a New Life

Melinda knew adjusting to high school would be difficult. But will she flunk out before she even has a chance?

Two hours away from home, Melinda quickly learns that her new boarding school is much more challenging than her public middle school. Her new friends and teacher must become her family. But Melinda never expected the assignments to be this difficult. How will she have time to make new friends if she's constantly studying?

And then there's the boys. For the first time in her life, boys are interested in her as more than a friend. But, will she even have a chance to have a relationship? Or will the coursework become so overwhelming that she will fail out before she has the chance?

When an old friend re-enters her life, Melinda must learn how to balance school with her social life if she wants to succeed at Hartfield.

When you finish reading Melinda's story, flip the book over to read Pat's story.

Patrick McGregor is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood. But sometimes, he just wants to be a normal sixteen-year-old.

Pat thought missing the beginning of the school year to film a new movie on location in Hawaii sounded ideal. But, for the first time in his life, his family isn't around to keep him company. A demanding film schedule and lackadaisical tutor don't help combat the homesickness.

When a family member falls ill, Pat must examine the true meaning of family.

A New Home

Innocent Bystander

A Hartfield Chronicles Short

Eliot just wanted to play a new game. Who knew his life was about to change?

The first week of high school hasn't been easy for Eliot. He hardly gets to see his friends anymore. So when his best friend invites him to play a new RPG, Eliot is excited.

Except, Eliot never realized they would be playing for real. And then the cops arrive.

This short story accompaniment to Hartfield Chronicles shows how being in the wrong place at the wrong time lands Eliot in Oakville.

A New Home

A New Home

A Hartfield Chronicles Prequel

How can anyone have fun living at school?

First, my parents tell me they want to send me to a private high school. Despite my protests, they insist I will find it more challenging and be less bored in class. Just as I'm warming up to the idea, they drop their bombshell.

The school is two hours away from home!

That's right. My parents want me to live at school. I don't want to go. But they're not giving me a choice.

I have to leave behind my best friends to build a new life at my new school. Will I be able to build a new family? Or will homesickness get the better of me?

Coming Soon

PS: It Was Murder

She wanted to learn how her best friend died. Falling for the grieving brother wasn't part of the plan.

Penpals since the age of 11, Katie and Lisa have been best friends more than half their lives. So when Katie learns that Lisa has died falling off the lighthouse cliffs, she naturally drops everything to pay her final respects. That's when she meets Lisa's grieving brother.

Over the past decade, Jeff has lost both parents and his sister. Now he just wants to move on. His family home contains too many painful reminders of what he's lost. He can't wait to sell it and get out of town.

But Katie isn't ready to let go. Lisa loved the lighthouse cliffs and knew when they were unsafe. The more Katie thinks about it, the more she can't help wondering if Lisa's death wasn't an accident and perhaps the answers lie in Lisa's unfinished novel. Even Jeff agrees that an accident seems unlikely.

Someone, however, wants them to let Lisa rest in peace. But intimidating death threats only encourage Katie and bring closer to each other as they race to discover the truth about Lisa's death before they become the next victims.

One Night In Sedona

One Night In Sedona

Who would have thought that a single photograph would be so dangerous?

Photofest. The ultimate photography convention. Not only is Seddy finally able to attend, but this year, it is being held in the city for which she was named. And she cannot wait.

No sooner does she check into the conference when a murder interrupts her night on the town with a new friend. Shaken, Seddy just wants to put the incident behind her.

But someone has other ideas. After attending her first day of workshops, Seddy discovers her hotel room has been ransacked. Her new love interest seems very eager to help her while the local detective keeps asking her questions about her camera. To make matters worse, the chief of police keeps giving her strange looks. 

And then someone tries to kill her.

As she works out whom she can trust, Seddy realizes she may hold the one piece of evidence that could help solve the mystery. 

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