PS: It Was Murder

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PS: It Was Murder

She wanted to learn how her best friend died. Falling for the grieving brother wasn't part of the plan.

Penpals since the age of 11, Katie and Lisa have been best friends more than half their lives. So when Katie learns that Lisa has died falling off the lighthouse cliffs, she naturally drops everything to pay her final respects. That's when she meets Lisa's grieving brother.

Over the past decade, Jeff has lost both parents and his sister. Now he just wants to move on. His family home contains too many painful reminders of what he's lost. He can't wait to sell it and get out of town.

But Katie isn't ready to let go. Lisa loved the lighthouse cliffs and knew when they were unsafe. The more Katie thinks about it, the more she can't help wondering if Lisa's death wasn't an accident and perhaps the answers lie in Lisa's unfinished novel. Even Jeff agrees that an accident seems unlikely.

Someone, however, wants them to let Lisa rest in peace. But intimidating death threats only encourage Katie and bring closer to each other as they race to discover the truth about Lisa's death before they become the next victims.

PS: It Was Murder

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