About Me

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved reading and learning so much that she wanted to share her writing with others. She wrote her first novella at twelve-years-old, although it has never been published. She continued writing for the next twenty years, developing a writing style and finding a comfortable genre.

Ashleigh never sought to become a writer, however. Her first ambition was to be a basketball player, then a Rockette, and finally a doctor. Always wanting to share her love of learning, Ashleigh began teaching and tutoring younger students while she was still in high school. While in graduate school, studying biomedical research, Ashleigh realized she would rather be teaching than working in a laboratory.

Ashleigh worked with all ages in several education capacities -- as an in-school tutor, a substitute teacher, a day care worker, and a private tutor -- before spending three years teaching middle school science.

In 2010, just before the birth of her first child, Ashleigh decided to publish her greatest work so far. Boarding School Blues comes straight from her heart and imagination and shows a piece of Ashleigh. Not long after, Ashleigh decided to leave the classroom in order to spend time with her daughter and continue her writing.

Currently, Ashleigh lives in Southern Connecticut with her husband and four beautiful children, whom she homeschools while working as a freelance editor. In her spare time, Ashleigh continues working on her novels. She is active in many writing communities, both in person and online. 

Your feedback on Ashleigh's current publications will help improve her future writing.

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