One Night In Sedona

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One Night In Sedona

Who would have thought that a single photograph would be so dangerous?

Photofest. The ultimate photography convention. Not only is Seddy finally able to attend, but this year, it is being held in the city for which she was named. And she cannot wait.

No sooner does she check into the conference when a murder interrupts her night on the town with a new friend. Shaken, Seddy just wants to put the incident behind her.

But someone has other ideas. After attending her first day of workshops, Seddy discovers her hotel room has been ransacked. Her new love interest seems very eager to help her while the local detective keeps asking her questions about her camera. To make matters worse, the chief of police keeps giving her strange looks. 

And then someone tries to kill her.

As she works out whom she can trust, Seddy realizes she may hold the one piece of evidence that could help solve the mystery. 

One Night In Sedona

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