Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Happy Spring

Happy Spring!!
Happy Spring, everyone. Like you, the past month has been very difficult for me and my family. We are under a mandatory self-isolation, Mr. Stevens is now working from home, and all of the children's activities have been cancelled. However, we are adapting and I wanted to share some updates with you.


First of all, I have been posting the Boarding School Blues Series chapter by chapter on Reddit Serials. New chapters are released every Friday. Subscribers to my Patreon account receive each chapter a week early. Confessions of a Teenage Celebrity, the parallel series that follows a different main character, will be released next month, although a sneak peak chapter will be released this Friday.

Last November, I decided to try NaNoWriMo for the first time and I had a blast, even though I fell a little short of my goal. (I ended up meeting it about three days later.) I decided to use the camps to prepare myself for the fall.

This year, my goal is to finish the novel I began last month. I also want to write 37,000 words. If the novel ends up being short of this goal, I will continue working on the Boarding School Blues Book 5 to meet the goal.

To keep me on track, I have decided to tweet daily about my progress and my goals for the following day. Those tweets can be seen on my sidebar right here on this page. Feel free to add your daily goals to the post. I'm making a list of people with whom to check in every day.

I also am keeping track of my progress here with weekly updates. I will be updating every Wednesday morning and keeping track with this nifty progress bar.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2020
I am also keeping track of my daily word count on the progress meter in my side bar.

I'm still looking for beta readers for some of my books. I have a middle grade series, a young adult romance and a science-fiction medical drama for adults. More information can be found here.

Good luck to everyone participating in NaNo and stay tuned for next week's update.