Friday, January 21, 2022

Oh the weather outside is frightful

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What's new with Ashleigh?

Do you know what's worse than snow? A freezing mixture of snow, rain, sleet, and just general uck. That's what's outside my window right now. While it means I don't need to shovel my driveway, it isn't pretty like snow.

Which means it's the perfect day to curl up with a good story. And I've got the perfect story for my young adult romance lovers.

Elephant on my Chest

Elephant On My Chest

He's the vile boy next door. Who also knows her biggest secret.

Sixteen-year-old Izzy is excited about the all-school ski trip. She is looking forward to learning to ski, even if she will be the only one on the bunny hill. Of course, she has to first make it through a five-hour bus ride with the vilest—albeit cutest—boy in school. And survive the roommates who keep breaking her one rule: "No sleeping with your boyfriend in my bed!"

When an unexpected power outage triggers a panic attack, Izzy is forced to tell Pug her biggest secret. She's even more surprised to learn his, spending the rest of the long weekend looking at her enemy in a new light.

But their secrets are nothing compared to the one Izzy's mother has been keeping for sixteen years. When Izzy discovers the truth, she must learn to confront her panic disorder or else live with the elephant sitting on her chest.

Warning: This book describes panic attacks. If this will trigger you, this book may not be for you.

Available January 31st!
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Join my launch party on Friday, January 28th. Play games, ask me questions, and enter to win prizes! It's completely free, so mark your calendars. Come join the party!

Can't wait to read the story?

I'm still looking for advance readers. Claim your free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Not into YA romance?

After working so industriously to prepare two books for preorder, I thought it would be nice to sit and read one of my favorite romance novels. It's been awhile since I last read it.

I was shocked by the number of errors in the book. Grammatical errors. Typographical errors. Even formatting errors. It was so bad that, if I were reading this book to review, it probably would have lost an entire star.

However, I wasn't reviewing this book. Because it was one of my own. After much deliberation (at least five minutes), I decided to fix the errors and publish a second edition, even though the book is only eighteen months old.

So, I would like to present you with the new and improved


One space station. Two estranged best friends. Can romance blossom in space?

For Captain Jason Tyler, life is good. As one of the best pilots in the fleet, he is selected to run daily transport shuttles to the moon. His charismatic personality and mesmerizing smile charm everyone around him. Except for the one person who matters the most.

Doctor Anika Verde is excited to be named chief medical technician on the new space station orbiting the moon. Being six hours away from the nearest hospital gives frontier medicine a new meaning. Unfortunately, she's going to need some help.

Once upon a time, Anika and Tyler were inseparable. Now, she can't stand to be in the same room as him and he has no idea why.

Missing medical supplies, construction accidents, and deadly viruses force these former friends to work together. With such a tangled history, Anika and Tyler must determine whether they can put aside their differences or remain forever mooncrossed.

So what's new?

Well, for starters, I think I got rid of all those errors I mentioned previously. Additionally, the scene break images are a little cleaner and a lot larger, making them easier to see. Of course, the list of my published works has been updated, along with some new blurbs at the end of the book. I also updated the cover, making it much brighter than the original. (Actually, I updated the blurb and cover a few months ago, but now the paperback cover matches the updated ebook cover). To celebrate its new release, I have also reduced the price from now through February 28th.

So check it out!

Now available or

More into mysteries?

I've decided to give you a sneak peak at the mystery I'm currently writing.

So, what do you think? Is this enough to have you wondering what happened to Lisa? Are you ready to read more? Let me know what you think!

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles Melinda and Pat are both happy to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. But when rumors of Pat and another girl appear in the celebrity gossip columns, his relationship with Melinda is tested.

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every ​Friday.

Here's what you've missed

  • Episode 66: More rumors about Poppy have Melinda questioning Pat's fidelity.
  • Episode 67: Melinda and Pat go on a tubing adventure.

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

Mr. Monk on the Road
For mystery readers

Mr. Monk on the Road

Lee Goldberg

After finally achieving a relaxed clarity he hasn't known since the death of his wife, Mr. Monk decides it is time for his brother to address his agoraphobia. After putting sleeping pills in his birthday cake, Mr. Monk and his assistant, Natalie, move Ambrose into an RV and set out on a tour of California. Of course, it wouldn't be a vacation if Mr. Monk doesn't assist in a few homicides along the way. But will his brother appreciate his efforts or is it too much for him to handle?

check out my review
Cyn & the PB Cup
For romance readers

Cyn & the Peanut Butter Cup

Pru Warren

When a nonagenarian steals an FBI agent's gun in the middle of the grocery store, Cyn and Rhys both wonder if their jobs are on the line. Cyn loves being Maddy's caregiver, but the old woman with short-term memory loss is proving to be more of a challenge than she expected. Rhys has wanted to work for the FBI his entire life, but he keeps screwing up. When Maddy's past comes back to haunt her present, Cyn and Rhys must help her, possibly finding some romance along the way.

check out my review

Free Books

Remembering Kaylee Cooper

Coming of age, middle grade urban fantasy about an eleven-year old boy who tries to help a little girl with paranormal behaviors.

Where's the line between life and death?

Kaylee Cooper is certain that Alex will become friends with a ghost this year. Alex thinks that he is far too old to be listening to a little grade one and encourages Kaylee to stop jeopardizing his important sixth grade social life. Kaylee doesn’t listen and finds awkward ways to spend as much time with Alex as possible, even if it means following him into the boy’s washroom. Fed up, Alex develops a strategic plan to ultimately get rid of Kaylee Cooper for good. However, he soon learns about the mysterious legend of Screaming Ridge Road that pulls an unlikely group of friends together, including the girl of his dreams, and the school’s meanest bully. When they discover the legend is real, and that Kaylee Cooper is at the core of the mystery, Alex stares death in the face and helps save her from an eternal life of misery and confusion.

Whispers in the Wind

Callie thought her life was finally changing, she was so close to grasping the brass ring. Then tragedy struck, and she once again lost everything.

༺❃༻They say true love only finds you once. ༺❃༻

I've always believed things happen for a reason, but things don't always happen the way you planned.

Callie thought her life was finally changing, she was so close to grasping the brass ring. Then tragedy struck, and she once again lost everything.

My name is Callie Bailey, and I wasn't always in love with Maison Keller;I was in love with Drayton Clay, first. Drayton was my first love, my first kiss, my first everything. The day Drayton proposed to me, was not only the best day of my life but the most tragic as well. I died that night with him.

Maison walked into my life and flipped it on its axis. He didn't just teach me to live, he showed me that there was more to live for. Then the unthinkable happened.

My world once again came crashing down around me.

Running away from her past, Kai Sterling was there to catch Callie.

My name is Kai Sterling, and I know I shouldn't get involved with her, but there's something about the woman sitting in a mud puddle in the middle of a rainstorm crying, that pulled at my heart.

Callie was something I never thought I would have, but deep down always wanted.

Can Kai save Callie from her past, or will her past be too much for him to handle?

Midnight Deadline

He's dead at midnight...
Unless she saves him.

Sergeant A. J. Lozione is the consummate professional who gives her all to every assignment. But this is no ordinary kidnapping case.

She’s tasked with rescuing Harrison City’s wealthiest resident, a man whose philanthropic generosity makes most people excuse his philandering behavior. But A. J. can’t forgive his wandering ways or the fact that he broke her heart years ago. She’s the only woman who turned her nose up at his money, his adulterous ways, and his presumed entitlement.

The kidnapper’s deadline is midnight.

Will she save Tobias Benjamin Amanscott even though she wants him dead?

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Clean & Wholesome Month End

Other Books on Sale

Desperate Forest

A YA Fairytale Romance

Enter a forest full of danger, secrets, and romance . . .

Princess Roselynn has never longed for adventure. For nineteen years, her life has been safe and comfortable. Until her father is murdered, and she discovers a plot to end her life. Hoping to find safety in the arms of her fiancé, she flees to the perilous Eternity Forest.

When Roselynn meets brash Jay, she begrudgingly joins forces with a group of outlaws. Unsure of her new companions, she’s especially puzzled by Jay’s tough exterior and conflicting actions. Soon, she discovers everyone has their own purpose—and secrets.

Can Roselynn save her kingdom and be reunited with the man she loves, or will she lose everything to the dark forest?

A sweet romantic adventure perfect for fans of fairy tales!

Caught Under the Mistletoe

A Holiday Romance Collection

’Tis the season for mistletoe kisses…Whether you're looking for something naughty or nice, a second chance, brother’s best friend, or romcoms—curl up beside the flickering fire and enjoy these holiday inspired stories. What better way to get in the holiday spirit than finding out who gets Caught Under the Mistletoe?

This collection includes International Bestselling and USA Today Bestselling Authors! Check out these 15 stories:

Amy Stephens… A Blue Christmas, Ariana Rose… Coming Home For Christmas, C. J. Corbin… The Dress, Denise Wells… A Holiday Affair to Remember, E.K. Woodcock… A Dashing Encounter, Gina Ardito… Daring for Christmas Day, J.F. Lowe… A Night with Rudolf, Kenzie Rose… Mistletoe Kisses in the Vineyard, Lane Martin… Lionheart Dreams, Naomi Springthorp… The Mistletoe Shift, Rayne Elizabeth… Snowed In, Tessa McFionn… A Holiday Dream to Chase, TK Cherry… A Snowfall’s Chance, Tonya Clark… Saved by My Second Chance, Victoria J. Hyla… Navidad Nights

Saving John Doe

A Paranormal Kitten Cozy Mystery

An unconventional sleuth - a meditating Sufi psychic with no control over her powers - a paranormal kitten - a dead body. Will Riza be able to figure out the killer before it is too late?

I recognized "John Doe" the moment the coroner pulled him out of the morgue's fridge.

If only I could also figure out why he had desperately been calling me a few days before he took his one-way trip to oblivion.
Or so I thought . . . until his ghost returned to haunt me in my meditation sessions.

Hello, I am Riza Strong, a twenty-three-year-old occasional psychic, and my visions of the dead person are giving me a terrible time.

Until recently, the only good thing in my life was perhaps my cute kitten, Misty. And I am lucky to have great mentors at the Odd Puzzle Club - a bunch of genius retired ladies who love solving puzzles.

After being fired recently from an FBI internship, all I wanted to do was to sit back and relax in my Boston area apartment.

Unlike most psychics, who actually know how to handle their powers, my powers have a life of their own. Others can meet ghosts, can have visions whenever they touch objects. I have no control over when my powers work, and no idea why do I have them.

Now, faced with a dead body in an unfamiliar State border town, I have to figure out how to convince the police that the man was murdered, as well as exonerate him and find the murderer before the case is closed forever or I am kicked out of the town. My visions just come and go. And they are not helping at all!

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