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Signs of Spring

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What's new with Ashleigh?

Spring has finally sprung in our little corner of the world. I know some parts of the country are still snowing, but we have seen glorious temperatures the past few weeks. But there's an even more definite sign that summer is approaching.

Know what it is?

We have removed our camper from winter storage. That's right. It is once again the driveway-blocking eyesore of the neighborhood. (Though the woman across the street never noticed it was missing.)

Next weekend marks the first of our camping adventures this year. And did we plan a lot of them! Lot's of family time, lot's of new adventures. (Not to mention the two scout tent-camping adventures this summer as well!)

I am starting a blog about our camping adventures. Well, more like I'm updating the blog I started four years ago when we purchased our pop-up. I plan to write about our adventures, maybe give reviews of where we stayed and local activities.

Even if I don't get around to blogging our adventures, at least I will have some wonderful journal entries to share with you.

Readers Wanted!

Once again, I am overcome by how many of you are interested in reading my work. I still have several projects available for alpha readers. (If you signed up last time, I haven't forgotten about you. I need another week to get the projects online. It's taking longer than I thought.)

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Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles Season 4 of Hartfield Chronicles has arrived!

When Melinda is invited to join a new dance class, she sees this as her big break, a chance to advance her skills. Before she can accept, however, another kind of break stops her in her tracks.

Pat wants to be the supportive boyfriend, but his efforts seem to be making Melinda uncomfortable. He can’t go to his own friends for advice, because they can’t understand.

After Melinda calls for another type of break, she and Pat must examine their relationship to determine whether they are meant for each other.

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Friday.

Here's what you missed:

  • Episode 73: A different kind of big break ends Melinda's hope of attending a new class
  • Episode 74: Pat visits Melinda in the dorm

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Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

My Little Green Umbrella
For Children

My Little Green Umbrella

Sandy Little

When a little girl finds an umbrella, she never expected it to become her new friend.

check out my review
Sheltering Spirits
For mystery readers

Sheltering Spirits

Lori Allison

With her dog grooming and boarding business finally taking off and her home renovations underway, Mallory finally has everything she has always dreamed of. However, when a freak accident with an old friend unleashes a new talent, Mallory begins to look at life in a new way. And death, especially after finding a dead body on her property. As her business suffers the consequences, she wonders which will come first: the poor house, prison, or the mental ward.

check out my review

All the camping we are doing this summer, while fun, means that something has to give. I have decided to take a break from Ashleigh's Bookshelf for the next few months. While I love reading, and I do a lot of it while camping, many places we travel do not have internet for me to post reviews. Many don't even have electricity for me to type a review on my computer or phone to post later.

So, I will take careful handwritten notes of all my reading and resume posting book reviews in the fall.

Free Books

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

A story of growing up, facing fears, and realizing everybody needs a hero sometimes.

Anna would run, but she has no idea which way to go ...

Anna Docherty loves the woods. Until the night a game of hide and seek sends her running a little too far, a little too fast.

Lost in the dark, it doesn’t take long for Anna’s love of the forest to turn to terror.

When Ryan finds her, huddled in his childhood hideout, and leads her back to safety, Anna is forever grateful to him.

But is she grateful enough to fight her fear when Ryan’s the one who needs help?

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

A Contemporary Romance with Humorous Elements, Second Chances and Holiday.

Can 12 Days of love save them from themselves?

Holidays are hard, but when you're forced to play nice with the one you once loved for the sake of family it can become impossible.

This is the case for Bristol and Revan Kane.

Junior High School Sweethearts, they never imagined a life without the other. Time has a way of changing things. The onetime starry-eyed pair hardly speaks anymore and the big D-I-V-O-R-C-E has been scheduled. They just can’t tell their families. Not Yet.

Christmas is right around the corner and for this pair and their six-year-old, it may be the last one with Granny Renne. To keep from breaking the old woman’s heart they must play nice, and go through the motions of the perfect loving family, even if they want to tear each other apart.

Granny isn’t one to miss much and has now made it her vow to see her lovies happy once more. With the help of a town that loves her, she has devised twelve days filled with love to save them from themselves.

The Final Assignment

The Final Assignment

A fast paced cozy mystery with a determined, yet amateur sleuth

Immerse Yourself In Intruiging Mysteries With Interesting Women!

Mila stood in front of the University of Chernivtsi, and it was like time had stood still. The gate and the buildings looked the same as when she was a student there, and yet somehow, she was the one who had changed and aged. Of course, nobody could call her old. Mila was thirty-two, but today she felt older than the university.

Mila remembered when she left for her Ph.D. in Kyiv; she was heartbroken and swore she would never return to her hometown. However, life has a way of interfering with people’s plans and Mila was no exception…

First, her mother died, then her father retired because of a heart condition, and Mila knew she had to come home to take care of him. It was a good excuse to return when a call came from her best friend that a professor position was open at the university.

So, there she was, all dressed up and ready to confront a past demon and prove herself more than capable to become a professor…

Mila Kovalenko has returned to her alma mater to fill the vacant position of professor of ancient history. Happy to reunite with her best friend Ania, the university’s librarian, they discuss a manuscript that has come to Ania’s attention. No sooner had Mila signed her contract when someone steals the manuscript from the library.

However, when the detective assigned to the case pegs her as the prime suspect, Mila must use her expertise and cunning to prove him wrong, or at least find another motive and suspect.

Realizing the book is more dangerous than it appears, and its origins are even eviler than they thought, Mila hopes to help the detective find the book before it falls into the wrong hands. However, the detective is not so willing to accept her help, infuriating Mila, if only he wasn’t so annoying, she could grow to like him, he was quite attractive….

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Other Books on Sale

Pass Me The Ball

Pass Me the Ball

All's Fair in Love and Sports Series

It’s Jonnie’s senior year, and her dream is to be the best wide receiver on the Buccaneers’ football team. But when she walks onto the field, the guys aren’t looking at her like they used to—especially her best friend and captain of the team, Skyler.

Skyler’s floored when he sees his best friend Jonnie after being gone all summer. Growing up, she was the tomboy he chased around the playground, but now? His connection with her off the field runs deeper than a long pass into the end zone. There’s just one problem. If your best friend is a girl… doesn’t that make her your girlfriend?

Football is easy. Falling in love with the wide receiver? Things couldn’t be more complicated.

Forgetting the Alien Bride Lottery

Forgetting the Alien Bride Lottery

A Sci Fi Alien Romance

How can I fall in love with some alien when I don’t even know who I am?

Three weeks ago, I was a whole other person.

That’s what everyone tells me, anyway. But I don’t remember any of that. Or much of anything, to be honest.

The doctors call it retrograde amnesia. I call it hell.

When I’m drafted into the Alien Bride Lottery, I hope the Khanavai warriors will ignore me. I plan to keep my head down and continue working on recovering my memories. Anyway, what kind of alien idiot would want a brain-damaged bride who doesn’t even recognize her own name?

A giant orange beast of a Khanavai male, that’s who. He’s determined to help me regain what I’ve lost. I’m determined to try to forget him.

But the more I remember, the more I worry that returning to Earth might not be safe.

And that bright orange alien could be the only one who can save me.

The Fungo Society

The Fungo Society

Quick Mystery Book 1

Shelf Unbound's Best Indie Book of 2016 Runner-Up

A dead ballplayer. A missing antique. And nobody wants the cops. They want Quick.

Jonathan Quick is a savant when it comes to sports relics and a complete failure in relationships. He has a moral code when it comes to antiques and a complete lack of one for anything else.

Quick takes a call from a mysterious group of old ballplayers named the Fungo Society. They’re convinced that one of their own has been murdered and don’t believe the police who have ruled it a suicide.

They insist he comes to Phoenix, that very evening. He accepts the job, not because he believes them, but because they plan to pay him well. However, he soon finds he’s competing against a vindictive real estate developer, Carl Byrne, and his nemesis in the auction trade, Valerie.

Now Quick has to outwit Byrne while keeping Valerie off the scent of a priceless relic. And he has to keep the geriatric Fungo Society from escalating their unintentionally hilarious campaign of revenge. And he needs to do it all while hiding from the drug kingpin, with whose girlfriend, Quick unwittingly spent the night.

So, why doesn’t Quick walk away? Because he’s stumbled into two of his greatest weakness: a missing but valuable relic and an irresistible woman.

The Fungo Society is a thrilling and funny ride through the dark underworld of the sports auction business. A place where nobody can be trusted and everyone has an angle.

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