Friday, September 30, 2022

Apples, Pumpkins, and Santa?

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Can you believe it's finally autumn? It's time to start all those fun fall activities: going apple picking, raking leaves, sipping pumpkin spice lattes, visiting Santa.

I know what you're thinking. Santa in September? But for our family, it's a fall tradition. Here in New England, we have a Christmas-themed amusement park that we love to visit every year. Over the past decade, we've tried various months, but the end of September always seems to work best for us. Of course, it means sleeping in sub-freezing temperatures, but our camper has a wonderful heater. Besides, we've learned to pack our winter coats.

So, that's what the Stevens family is doing this weekend. As you read this, we are en route to our final camping adventure of the season. When we return, we'll start some of our other favorite fall traditions: making Halloween costumes (my children have already started), going apple picking, getting lost in our favorite corn maze. And, of course, enjoying apple cider donuts and pumpkin spice lattes when we emerge.

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Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles
Season 4 of Hartfield Chronicles has arrived!

When Melinda is invited to join a new dance class, she sees this as her big break, a chance to advance her skills. Before she can accept, however, another kind of break stops her in her tracks.

Pat wants to be the supportive boyfriend, but his efforts seem to be making Melinda uncomfortable. He can’t go to his own friends for advice, because they can’t understand.

After Melinda calls for another type of break, she and Pat must examine their relationship to determine whether they are meant for each other.

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Friday.

Here's what you missed:

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Episode 97:
Hartford Chronicles
Episode 98:
Hartford Chronicles
Pat explains to Melinda & Walter why he was skipping classes Pat joins a new club

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Free Books

My Peasant Boy

My Peasant Boy
A sweet short story of first love, set in a universe of fantasy and romance

For every princess, there should be a peasant boy

Vildi always loved fairy tales.
A princess, a peasant boy, and happily ever after.
But Vildi is the black sheep of the family, and everyone prefers her sister.
Hogne is different.
From the first moment she meets him, she decides: this is her peasant boy.
Her true love.

Summer's Wisdom

Summer's Wisdom
Camden Lake Tales Series Book 1 Sample

An Engaging Tale About Rediscovery

She was left on the steps of church at birth. Her birthmother finds her three decades later. At the pinnacle of her career and life can she learn to trust in love? Abandoned at birth, Jamie Jacobson, a thirty-six-year-old caterer, eases her soul through providing sustenance for others. But when she wins the career defining opportunity to cater the town’s biggest event, the woman who gave her away makes an unexpected and unwanted appearance.

Reeling after her biological mother rolls into her life, seeking reconciliation, Jamie struggles to focus on the kitchen task at hand. And though she’s falling for the handsome musician hired to play at the gala, her conflicted heart still fears she’s not worthy of affection.

Will Jamie overcome a lifetime of self-doubt to triumph in life and in love?

Summer's Wisdom is a heart-centered piece of women’s literature. If you enjoy complex characters, a hint of speculation, and overcoming obstacles, then you’ll love Heather Hummel Gallagher’s compelling story.

The coroner and the body in the bath

The Coroner and the Body in the Bath
Fenway Stevenson Mysteries Book 1.5

A dead body in a tub. An unemotional widow. An accused young lover.

Clearly, the veneer of suburban utopia is cracking in Acting Coroner Fenway Stevenson's latest investigation. This short story takes place between.

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First Love, Second Chance

Kaelen is the perfect boyfriend. Smart, athletic, attentive, and willing to keep their secret.

Abigail is the only girl he's ever met who is smarter than him. With his 165 IQ, he can talk to her about anything; science, math, social issues… chemistry. He just can’t date her.

Until the day he gives up trying to pretend he isn’t in love and the chemical equation that burns between them gets too hot to ignore. Kaelen learns the hard way what happens when you play with fire, and Abigail pays the price. But she isn’t the only victim that night.

Devastated that he hurt the girl he loves, Kaelen pleads guilty and faces the punishment he feels he deserves. Five years and one prison sentence later, Kaelen and Abigail can’t ignore the evidence of that one tragic night, and they can’t ignore the fire that still threatens all their plans for a future together.

Accidentally In Love

Accidentally in Love
MacGregor Brothers Brewing Company Book 1

At thirty-five and single, I’m tired of the dating game. Tired of men who look at me and say, “You’d be prettier if you shed a few pounds.”

There’s only one man I want a future with — my grouchy friends with benefits, Nolan. But he’s adamant about keeping things casual.

All that changes when one night we get careless, and those pink lines show up on the pregnancy test months later.

Nolan wants to do right by me. He wants to give me what I’ve been searching for, but I’m pretty sure he’s only doing it out of obligation. It’s not like the bearded brewmaster loves me like I love him.

Accidentally in Love is a small-town accidental pregnant holiday romance featuring a burly bearded brewmaster and an hopeless romantic high school english teacher.

Deadwood's Hotel Mystery

Deadwood's Hotel Mystery
A gripping murder mystery with jaw-dropping twists

Your search for fiction murder mystery books is over.

A cold town reeks with deaths and mysteries, and there are shadows at every turn.

In the wake of the unearthing of age-long secrets, private investigator Marcus Lynette launches against the darkness clouding Deadwood.

Senior officer Detective Raymond, who works for the police force, is alarmed when the daughter of a multi-millionaire is murdered in cold blood.

Though his efforts to find the killer seem futile, there is but one solution that comes to mind: Marcus.

Marcus is set to find that which has been deemed unfindable though his demons are still in touch; he still wrestles with unanswered questions surrounding the mysterious yet brutal death of his father and the recent death of his sister.

Marcus, a man obsessed with demystifying death and its wary accomplices, searches to find himself in this complex design though his life is marked with unanswered questions, fear, distrust, and so much uncertainty as he seeks out answers.

This is one fiction series for adults you won't put down

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