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To Review or Not To Review -- That Is The Question

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What's new with Ashleigh?

To review or not to review -- that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler for the author to suffer
Not sharing her thoughts on a book,
Or to share her opinion with the world
And risk burning bridges.

And thus ends my attempt at parody. However, the question is real.

Last weekend, I was part of a social media discussion about authors leaving book reviews. There were actually two parts to this discussion.

It began with a discussion about whether authors should leave book reviews under their pen name or a different name. The argument was if Ashleigh leaves a bad review for John Doe's book, readers (as well as John Doe) may get the impression Ashleigh is leaving a bad review to make John Doe look bad and thus boost Ashleigh's books. While I personally would never do this, I could understand how people might get that impression, especially since I have a tendency to be very critical when I give reviews. (A side effect of being an editor and former teacher.)

My argument, of course, is that if the bad review is justified with a detailed explanation about why the reviewer feels the book was not four or five stars, then it shouldn't be seen as slander. I would hope the constructive criticism gives the author an opportunity to grow. However, others in the discussion felt it best to not review books at all, or at the very least, to do it under a different name.

The discussion then drifted to whether authors should reply to comments left on their pages. A long time ago, I participated in a Goodreads marketing seminar where, among other things, the author leading the seminar suggested that every day an author should "like" several four-star reviews and comment on several five-star reviews (on their own book). The theory was that it brought attention to the author's books in their feed and their followers would then add that book to their TBR.

I will be honest. I'm not sure how well this strategy is working for me personally, but it was something I mentioned in the discussion. Others argured that they would rather think the author doesn't read their comments and pretend the author is dead. That comments aren't for the author but other readers.

So, that brings me to this week's question. There are, of course, two parts.

If you are an author, what are your views about other authors reviewing your books? What are your thoughts about responding to reviews on your own books?

If you are a reader, what are your views about authors commenting on your reviews of their books? If comments make you uncomfortable, what about likes? Are those okay?

Feel free to email me your answers to this question, or leave a comment on this conversation on my blog.

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