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What's new with Ashleigh?

It probably comes as no surprise that I love to read. For the past few years, I have jined the Goodreads Reading Challenge with the goal of reading a book a week. I have managed it the past two years.

This year, I am changing my goals slightly. I do a lot of beta reading, so I am still aiming to read 52 books this year, my goal is for less than half of that to be beta reads. You can track my progress on the sidebar of my website.

But reading is always more fun when I'm doing it with others, so I would like to start a reading challenge.

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Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles
Season 5 of Hartfield Chronicles is here!

Melinda loves Pat, but sometimes she wishes he had friends of his own. When he starts spending time with her dance partner, however, Melinda can't help the feelings of jealousy that surface, especially when he starts choosing him over her. Will their relationship survive Pat's new bromance?

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Friday.

Here's what you missed:

Episode 112
Hartford Chronicles
Episode 113
Hartford Chronicles
Pat meets Melinda's new dance partner. Melinda goes on her first double date.

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Hammerhead Club

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Free Books

Movie Stars Don't Date Gossipy Girls

Movie Stars Don't Date Gossipy Girls
A Young Adult Romantic Comedy

Dating a movie star is every girl’s dream. Except she’s the school gossip and he has sworn her to secrecy.

She’s The O.G. Gossip Girl. He’s a movie star. Will she get the scoop of a lifetime, or will her gossiping be the end of their relationship?

After an epic dance battle leaves Sarah sweaty but victorious, she’s shocked to learn her challenger was none other than movie star, Tod Strapper. She wants to shout it from the rooftops, but Tod warns her he can only see her again if she promises not to post anything about him. See her again?! What girl can resist the opportunity to date a star? Sarah grits her teeth and makes the deal.

When a video Sarah posts online uncovers a long-held secret about a girl at school, she begins to question her love of gossip. Then a revenge post targets her and Tod, effectively breaking her promise not to post anything about him and landing Tod in hot water with his manager. Can he forgive her? Does she even deserve forgiveness?

If you like when opposites attract, the disguise trope, and clean romantic comedy you’ll love Movie Stars Don’t Date Gossipy Girls. An Oak Grove High novella by KE Strand.

Rip Current

Rip Current
A heart-warming, steamy contemporary romance featuring a neurodiverse hero.

The rip current of love is dangerous and unyielding, but it's the only rescue for two adrift hearts.

A bite-sized romance about a neurodiverse hero with autism who defies expectations, a psychologist masking her own grief, and their unexpected, steamy reunion. Life forces them to face turbulent history, embrace flaws, and jump into the terrifying rip current of love.

Murder at the Cellar

Murder at the Cellar
A fresh start small town cozy mystery

A recently widowed city girl. A curious note found by mistake. It’s about time this small town’s cold case mystery is finally solved.

When Avery Parker comes home following her husband's untimely death, all she wants is the familiarity and security of her peaceful hometown. All is good until she unexpectedly stumbles upon a cryptic note. Just twenty-six words hastily scrawled on a forgettable piece of paper and that’s all it took for everything in her life to be turned upside down.

As Avery scours the town to solve the mystery with old friends and new, she soon learns that in working to solve the case, her own life is in danger. With her trusty golden retriever pup unearthing clues, will she find the perpetrator before he finds her? The clock is ticking and there is no time to spare.

With more twists than the vines at Le Blanc Cellars, Murder at the Cellar will have readers guessing until the very end. Murder at the Cellar is best paired with a bold cabernet sauvignon. So, grab a glass of your favorite cab, cozy socks, and sleuth it out with the gang from Le Blanc Cellars!

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included.

Would you like some free books in exchange for an honest review?

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Other Books on Sale

Cross Country Hearts

Cross Country Hearts
A Sweet YA Enemies to Lovers

Her sister is the bride. His cousin is the groom. This love story involves two enemies, one car, and an epic road trip.

June's sister, April, is getting married. The lucky guy? A businessman whose cousin is Jasper King, the art maniac loner of her high school.

The hate between them is mutual, but they can't avoid one another before the wedding. That becomes impossible when the two are thrown together into a car and forced to drive down the East Coast from Boston to Jacksonville for the wedding.

The two embark on an unlikely truce and road trip, which brings them from art museums in New York to Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, and down to the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta. Along the way June must reevaluate her relationship to Jasper, which is that of bully and victim, and she must contend with her past actions. Sparks fly and ignite, and what happens next will go down in road trip history.

Craving Her Curves

Craving Her Curves
A Billionaire Man Curvy Woman Romance- Insta Love Alpha Boss series

One Night. No Limits.

“When my financial right hand leaves me hanging right before the biggest meeting of my life, I’m furious. I need someone to replace him NOW—and the only person left at this hour is Melanie. I barely even know her – but since I walked in, I can’t stop looking at her…”

"I take a few deep breaths before I leave the cubicle. I hurry out, only to run right into someone. The air is knocked out of me as they grab me. I look up and everything seems to stop.

Oh God. Jason Ford."

She’s a wholehearted girl struggling to support her family.

He’s her hot billionaire boss with his business on the line.

When Jason ropes Melanie into helping him in a multi-million dollar business meeting, she seems like the perfect stand-in. There’s only one problem. After just an hour in her company, Jason is dying to know what her curvy body looks like with nothing on…

Packed with a high dose of steamy romance that will keep you wanting more, delicious insta love and a hint of family drama, Craving Her Curves is perfect for anyone looking to get their fix for the day.

Deadly Diva

Deadly Diva
A Deliciously Addictive Cozy Murder Mystery

A luxury hotel, Hollywood stars, and a mysteriously dead celebrity.

Ivy Stone has her new job as a maid cut out for her when two halves of the ugliest celebrity divorce in decades come to stay at London’s Hotel LaFontaine. Everything goes wrong when a crashed murder mystery party ends with a smoking gun and a dead star.

Ivy finds herself in the middle of a thickening plot full of puzzling clues and multiple suspects with secrets to hide. Nothing is as it seems and someone is getting away with murder.

While navigating friendship & work, enjoying delectable dishes and falling more in love with Monty the Great Dane, Ivy’s amateur sleuth skills are put to the test as she realizes there’s more than meets the eye to this case.

When the story takes a surprise twist, Ivy must race against time to foil the true culprit before they strike again.


A deliciously addictive cozy mystery full of charm and intrigue with bonus recipes included!

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