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The Detention Adventure - Episode 11

The Detention

The Detention Adventure
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The Detention Adventure

The Detention Adventure is an interactive Choose Your Own Path story. Each episode, readers vote for the path they would like to take. Together, we will follow the path with the most votes.

The Detention Adventure

What do you see?

  • A dragon
  • Another human

The person is clearly from your world. No one in this land would be wearing jeans and a T-shirt. You can’t see the person’s face, but there’s something familiar about the backpack slung over one shoulder. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen it before.

When Ayaldwitha clears his throat, the person slowly turns. You recognize that profile. And that glare.

Jumping to your feet, you try not to groan. Nearly eight billion people in your world, and he had to be the one to enter this world? Literally anyone else would have been better.

Gabe’s gaze passes over the elder and settles on you. “What the? Where am I?”

You swallow hard. “It’s, uh, it’s a long story.”

The old man gets to his feet, glancing between you and Gabe as he approaches the new arrival. He’s muttering under his breath, but you catch a few words. They are not English.

Gabe steps away from the elder, placing his hands near his chest in defense. “Hey. Back off, old man.”

You shake your head. “He’s just curious. He loves humans. Ayaldwitha? This is Gabe. He’s from my world. Gabe, this is Ayaldwitha. He’s the elder of Maguth. That’s the village just up there.” You point in the general direction where you think it might be.

“Magoo?” Gabe nods slowly. “This is a bad dream, right? I’m sleeping through study hall or something?”

The old man sighs. “It is a long story. Would you like to sit here, or would you rather see the village before we explain?”

Gabe purses his lips. “I’d like to know what’s going on. Right now.”

With a shrug, you return to the grass where you were just sitting. Ayaldwitha returns to his rock, gesturing to the forest floor. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Gabe scoffs. “I’ll stand, thanks. Where am I? How did I get here?”

You take a deep breath. “Yesterday, when we were in study hall, you were showing everyone a video about me. At lunch.”

Gabe laughs. “Oh, man. That was awesome, Potato Head. But I think you got some mashed potatoes stuck in your brain. That was this afternoon. Like, an hour ago.”

Frowning, you turn to Ayaldwitha. “But how is that possible? I’ve been here for at least half a day?”

The elder shrugs. “Driman postulated that time was different here. He must have been correct.”

“Strange.” You turn back to Gabe. “Anyway, whenever it happened, that video landed me in detention.”

“No. You pushing me into the study table got you detention.”

“Only because you wouldn’t stop—Ugh. Forget it. It was totally your fault but whatever. Mrs. Vile had me restocking books and I opened one and found this necklace.” You hold up the dragon’s tooth still hanging around your neck. “I picked it up and somehow ended up here. Then a little while ago, I closed my eyes and imagined I was back at school and when I opened my eyes, you were here.”

Gabe looks at you, disbelief clearly written all over his face. “You wished me here?”

“Ew, no. Never. I don’t know how you got here.”

Ayaldwitha glances between you both. “Perhaps, you were thinking about Gabe.” He quickly holds up a hand to keep you from interrupting. “As you said, Gabe was partially responsible for you finding the talisman.”

“If anything, I was thinking about Driman and wondering how he got home.” You shake your head. “Doesn’t matter. It didn’t work. I’m still here.”

Gabe growls. “As fascinating as all this is, I’m bored. Can you just send me back now?”

You shake your head. “Nope. We’re stuck here.”

“You still haven’t told me where here is.”

You try not to scream. Gabe is definitely testing your patience. “We’re in the forest, just outside of Maguth. It’s a village in the kingdom of Reeself, in the land of Leegpeod.”

Gabe groans. “This sounds like a bad movie. Or one of those imaginary worlds those RPG guys are always babbling about.”

Ignoring your nemesis, you turn to the elder. “When I held the necklace, I could hear my classmates. It was like I was in both worlds at the same time. Do you think there’s a way the furth maguthes could strengthen the magic in this necklace?” You hold up the dragon’s tooth.”

Ayaldwitha frowns. “I have no idea.”

“I’m thinking maybe that’s what happened to Driman. I think he used the tree to strengthen the magic in this, then he was able to get home. Do you think it would work? Or, well, do you think it’s worth trying?”

The elder is silent for a moment. Gabe makes occasional noises of annoyance, but you and the old man both ignore him.

Eventually, Ayaldwitha nods. “I do not think it will work, but I do not think you will do any harm in trying.”

Jumping to your feet, you rush to the tree. The elder said the nectar strengthened magic. Grasping the dragon tooth by the base, you stab the tree with the tip.

You expect nectar to rush out of the hole, but nothing happens. Disappointed, you readjust your grip, intending to remove the tooth from the tree. But you notice it’s warm. And getting warmer. Maybe it’s absorbing magic after all!

You wait until the tooth is almost too hot to touch before removing it from the hole. Again, you expect nectar to pour out, but the hole magically reseals itself.

Closing your eyes, you again try to picture your world. You hear familiar sounds around you. Classmates are shouting. Cars are honking their horns. You even hear an airplane overhead.

Focusing on those sounds, you open your eyes.

What do you see?

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