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What's new with Ashleigh?

I am so excited to be launching this new newsletter. Did you know I have been writing middle-grade stories since 2018? October 30th, I had a dream that inspired me to participate in my first National Novel Writers Month (NaNoWriMo). I finished that book on December 2nd, but it inspired a twelve-book series. A few months later, I wrote my first choose-your-own-path adventure. Next week, we will begin that journey together and I'm thrilled to finally be sharing it with you all.

Since this is my first newsletter, I'm going to promote my newest book for a moment. I promise, this is the last time you will hear about this book in this newsletter.

Arctic Druid

Arctic Druid

Can this young hunter find the druid in time to save his village?

For as long as he could remember, Eamon has wanted to become a hunter like his father. Now that he is twelve, he can finally go on his solo hunt to show he is ready. As the only person in his village ever to kill a moose, he has a good chance. But when he seeks assistance returning to the village, the hunters decide he should seek apprenticeship elsewhere.

Crestfallen, Eamon waits for his chance to prove himself to the hunters. When a mysterious darkness threatens to destroy his village, he sees his chance.

Only the Arctic Druid can rid the land of the darkness, but reaching him involves crossing the Barren Plains and Do’gorym Sea. No one wants to make the journey to seek his help. Some villagers don’t believe the darkness is a threat. Others doubt the druid even exists. Those who do fear they won’t survive the journey.

Eamon alone believes it’s possible. But will he be in time?

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Arctic Lynx

Arctic Lynx
An Arctic Druid Short Story

Can a single hunting trip change the future of an entire village?

After a week of hunting, Gil spots an arctic lynx. No one in his village has ever killed one. They believe doing so would bring bad luck.

Gil is determined to challenge their superstitions. Surely returning to the village with a lynx will show them he is ready to join the hunters as an adult.

But when Gil finds his village is not as he left it, he wonders if his lynx is responsible.

Choose Your Own Path Stories

Coming next week! An isekai story called The Adventures of Zyr

Free Books

Happy Birthday, Tuck Henry

Happy Birthday, Tuck Henry
An enjoyable story for middle readers that introduces two unlikely heroes, Tuck Henry and Arimene.

Can an untrained sorcerer and young boy save the world from dinosaurs?

Ten-year-old Tuck Henry's birthday party doesn't go as planned when an incompetent magician transports him back in time to save a kingdom from the dragon that has been terrorizing it. Only the dragon is actually a dinosaur and the magician is an untrained sorcerer. Nothing can go wrong with that. Right?

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Other Books on Sale

Molly's Spy Mission

Molly's Spy Mission

Would you be brave enough to go on a special mission to stop the King’s enemy?

Molly is comfortable living in the royal palace with her friends and the kind King. But all of that is about to change.

The King’s evil enemy, a team of Treasure Trickers, has invaded the Kingdom and stolen valuable treasures from the “Otherlands”. Only a royal child has the power to defeat them.

Molly is that child.

Equipped with a magical coat, Princess Molly ventures out on a secret mission - to find and capture the Trickers. Her friends, Suzie, Rich and Walter Jackson join her on a magical train ride through time and space to the “Otherlands”.

The Trickers secretly track Molly’s every move and are determined to stop her at all costs. They do not want to be caught. Molly will need to outsmart them by using the King’s magic wisely.

But time is running out. The Trickers have already overtaken three of the four “Otherlands”. Can Molly catch the Trickers before they invade the fourth land? If not, the Trickers will control all the lands, and the valuable treasures will be lost forever.


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