Thursday, December 14, 2023

Free and Discounted Middle Grade Books just for you!

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Free Books

Would you like some free books in exchange for an honest review?

Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Family-oriented adventures - Ends 12/30 - MG,YA,Romance, Flashlight Burner MG & YA Books - Ends 12/19 - MG,YA,
All About Fantasy! - Ends 1/08 - MG,YA, Free SFF Books in exchange for honest reviews! - Ends 1/02 - MG,YA,Romance,

Want more free books? Check out these giveaways!

Free Multi-Genre Books - Ends 12/29 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery, Holiday Children's Book Giveaway - Ends 12/31 - MG,YA,
New Adventure, Sci-fi, & Fantasy Short Reads - Ends 1/02 - MG,YA,Romance, All-Fantasy Genre End-of-year giveaway - Ends 1/10 - MG,YA,

Do you have Kindle Unlimited? These books are free for you!

Sky's the Limit for KU Readers - Ends 12/29 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery, Epic Adventures for the Holidays - Ends 1/12 - MG,YA,

Other Books on Sale

Books Make Great Gifts - Ends 12/31 - MG,YA, Give the Gift of Stories this Christmas - Ends 1/04 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery,
Support Indie Authors this Holiday Season - Ends 12/31 - MG, It's Book Frenzy - Ends 1/01 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery,
It's Christmas - Ends 1/10 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery, Christmas Fantasy & SF - Ends 1/16 - MG,YA,
New Releases for the New Year - Ends 1/08 - MG,YA,Mystery,

Ashleigh's Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge Progress

This year is coming to an end. Don't forget to update your progress!

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