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A Snow Day Delay

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Have I told you about my Friday routines? Probably not. Fridays are the one day a week we go to school. We get home a little after lunch and have a couple of hours before we need to go back out for after-school activities.

That couple of hours is when I usually send out my Friday email to all you romance readers. Unfortunately, I was unable to send it this week.

As we went to leave our co-op (school for homeschoolers), we discovered that the dusting we were expecting was actually a couple of inches of snow! Having grown up here in New England, it's not really a problem driving in it, but I do take my time and use caution. And I'm really glad we got new tires last month.

The closer we got to home, however, the lighter the snow and the better the roads. It was clear enough to attend our after-school activities, but I still got home late from the co-op. That left me not enough time to send out your reads and deals. Since my Saturday was too crazy to even sit behind my computer for a minute, this is the first chance I have had to send you this email. I will definitely try to write it on Thursday next week.

Do you want to know the worst part about this snowstorm? While the snow was light, fluffy, and copious near our co-op, the snow at home was wet, dense, and minimal. Not enough for the kids to play. Thankfully, they had some snow earlier this week to make their snowmen and go sledding.

What about you?

How do you celebrate a snow day?

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Dreamer's Destiny
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Their love is threatened when a Dream Runner - those who push mortals into nightmares - finds them together in the Dream Realm. When Marco returns to Mount Tempos he must face the Walker's Council.

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Escape to Sandy Bay
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Max’s focus is on caring for his young son and building the reputation of his business. He’s not looking for trouble, but in the guise of a lawyer who is quick to react, trouble comes looking for him. She stirs the emotions in ways he didn’t expect, but when she neglects his son, he is quick to lash out.

Leaving the past behind is not so easy, especially with unfinished business back in the city. Should she forgive and forget, or forge a new life so different to the one she’d always imagined? The responses of the men in her life influence the decision she needs to make, but which choice is the right one?

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