Friday, February 2, 2024

Date Night

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What's new with Ashleigh?

This weekend, my husband and I did something we haven't done since our anniversary (three months ago!).

We went on a date. Just the two of us.

On my way home from Mommy Taxiing, I picked up pizza for the kids. While they played video games and watched movies, Mr. Stevens and I tried a new restaurant. Well, new to us. Apparently, the coffee shop closed several years ago and a Thai restaurant took its place. We were super excited to try it.

Whenever I try a new restaurant, I like to order the same thing. It probably comes from all my years in the science lab. If researchers changes too many variables at once, how will they know which variable affected the results of the experiment? In order to decide if I like a new restaurant (or which restaurant is better), I need to be able to compare the food, right?

So, I went with my favorite: drunken noodles. Mr. Stevens, however, is not a scientist. He decided to try a new food. And, even after being together for over 21 years, I learned something new about my husband. He has never had curry.

His curry dish was good, although he wasn't thrilled that it was very soup-like. Not that he didn't enjoy it. He just wanted it to be more noodley. And mine? Fantastic. We definitely found a new favorite restaurant.

What about you?

When visiting a new restaurant, do you Order your favorite food? or Try something new?

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