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Happy Wednesday. Can you believe it’s nearly May? I apologize for missing my last newsletter. And for sending this so late. This month has completely gotten away from me.

As you know, I recently returned to working full time. The past week has been particularly difficult, trying to rewrite my lesson plans to include my in-class tutor. Throw in three interviews for next year, two dance competitions, and a karate tournament, and I really have had no idea what day it is.

Not that I’m complaining. I am enjoying my time in the classroom. Even my more challenging students. And we are still finding time for family activites.

This weekend, we went to the amusement park. We told the children we were going to our religious education class. It took nearly 20 minutes for the first one to say "It doesn't usually take this long to get there." About 20 minutes later, they expected us to turn around. It wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot that they realized where we were going. And they had a ball. It was a much needed Family Fun Day.

What about you?
Have you ever surprised someone [or been surprised] with a family fun day?

Now, since I’m still adjusting to my new schedule, I am sending the same What's New with Ashleigh to each of ny newsletters this week. So, if you receive multiple emails, you may want to scroll down to the free reads and deals tomorrow.

Free Books

Arctic Lynx

Arctic Lynx
An Arctic Druid Short Story

Can a single hunting trip change the future of an entire village?

After a week of hunting, Gil spots an arctic lynx. No one in his village has ever killed one. They believe doing so would bring bad luck.

Gil is determined to challenge their superstitions. Surely returning to the village with a lynx will show them he is ready to join the hunters as an adult.

But when Gil finds his village is not as he left it, he wonders if his lynx is responsible.

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Other Books on Sale

Blood of a Fallen God

Blood of a Fallen God
The addictive fantasy epic begins...

Unveiling the Spellbinding Beginning to a Breathtaking Epic Fantasy Saga: Blood of a Fallen God

In the shadows of ancient gods and the glimmer of divine possibility, ‘Blood of a Fallen God” weaves a tale of ambition, betrayal, and the unyielding pursuit of destiny. William Reis, born of a lineage scorned and hidden, embarks on a forbidden journey to resurrect the forgotten arts of the Forgemaster, wielding powers bestowed by the gods themselves. In a world where the smith's hammer shapes the fate of empires, William's quest to join the prestigious Smithing Guild is more than a mere ambition; it's a battle for survival and legacy.

Stealing into the cursed Mistlands, William procures a shard of the god Amder's essence, setting into motion a chain of events that will challenge the very foundations of power in Alos. Alongside his cousin Duncan, a relic hunter with secrets of his own, William crafts a masterpiece that promises entry into the guild. Yet, as ancient forces stir in the shadows, the cousins find themselves ensnared in a web of political intrigue, divine machinations, and dark curses that threaten to unleash chaos upon the world.

From the hidden forges of the Reach to the opulent halls of Ture, William and Duncan must navigate a world where gods whisper in the ears of mortals, and the lines between ally and enemy blur. With the priesthood seeking to erase his bloodline and a high priestess of the Blood God manipulating fate, William's journey is fraught with peril. But the revival of Amder, the God of Craft, offers a glimmer of hope—if William can embrace his destiny as the last Forgemaster. "Blood of a Fallen God" is a riveting odyssey of magic, intrigue, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

As William battles to save his cousin and resurrect a god, he must also confront the ultimate question: what is the price of divine power, and can it forge a new destiny for a world on the brink of destruction?

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