Saturday, October 12, 2019

Indie Author Day

Today is INDIE AUTHOR DAY nationwide. I'm at one of my local libraries and I'm having a lot of fun. Here is my display, with a closeup on my chapbooks. I made sample books for people to read through the first chapter and see if they might want to be a beta reader.

Some of you may have seen my display and are now visiting my site. Welcome. I apologize that I have not yet had a chance to import all the old posts, but you can visit them at

If you would like to receive a free book, please consider being a beta reader. I will send you a digital copy of my book for you to read. I will use your feedback to help make my book stronger before it goes to publishing. I will also send you a free copy of the book after it is published.

I'm meeting some fantastic authors and have already selected a few books that I would like to buy before I leave. I encourage everyone to visit Indie Author Day at your local library or bookstore today. Support your local authors!

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