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What's new with Ashleigh?

Spring is nearly here. Technically, we've got another couple of days, but with the clear skies and warmer weather, I'm ready to celebrate now.

And boy, do I have a lot to celebrate. Where should I start?

I finally finished drafting that murder mystery novella I kept hinting at. And I want to share it with you. I'm currently looking for some Alpha readers. What does that mean? Well, it means you will be among the first to read the story. I've done a quick editing on it, so you shouldn't find too many typos, though you may find things like "he" instead of "she". But, I'm not looking for that kind of feedback. I want to know about the story itself. Does it have a hook or are you too bored to finish it? Does the romance go too fast or too slow? Is the whodunit too obvious or completely out there?

In return for your invaluable feedback, when the book is released, you will receive a link to a free digital download as well a coupon for a free paperback copy. (If all goes well, I'm hoping to have it for sale by the end of this year!)

Tempted? Here's the blurb.

She wanted to discover how her friend died. Falling for the grieving brother was never part of the plan.

Penpals since the age of eleven, Katie and Lisa have been best friends for more than half their lives. When Katie learns Lisa has died, she drops everything to visit Lisa's hometown and pay her respects.

When a mysterious stranger turns out to be Lisa's grieving brother, Katie can't help herself. She offers to help Jeff go through Lisa's things and prepare their childhood home for sale.

But when she stumbles upon Lisa's unfinished novel, Katie begins to suspect Lisa's death may not have been an accident. The more she reads, the more convinced she becomes. Not only was Lisa's death not an accident, but she knew her killer. Now it's up to Katie to follow the trail before she becomes the next victim.

Click here to read the beginning and sign up to be an alpha reader.

In other good news, last week I revealed the cover for my newest book. Have you seen the video?

The book is a tĂȘte-bĂȘche format, which means you can read the story one way, then flip the book over and read the story the other way. I am super excited about it.

The book comes out in ten days, can you believe it? Can't wait? Well I have some freebies for you.

First, I'm giving away free copies of my story. Well, maybe not giving away. I am asking that you please leave an honest review in exchange. I'm only giving away 50 ARC copies, so sign up now.

BookSirens BookSprout StoryOrigins

What else? My reading hasn't been going as well as I would have hoped. I'm still eating that batch of cookie dough I froze before my last newsletter. But, I cant wit to try all the other cookies you sent me. This weekend, I plan on making snickerdoodles.

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles Hartfield Chronicles will resume on April 1st.
Members of the Hammerhead Club can start reading Season 4 now!

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Friday.

Are you craving your Hartfield Chronicles fix?
Try this free short story.

Eliot just wanted to play a new game. Who knew his life was about to change?

The first week of high school hasn't been easy for Eliot. He hardly gets to see his friends anymore. So when his best friend invites him to play a new RPG, Eliot is excited.

Except, Eliot never realized they would be playing for real. And then the cops arrive.

This short story accompaniment to Hartfield Chronicles shows how being in the wrong place at the wrong time lands Eliot in Oakville.

Download your free copy today.

Reviews from Ashleigh's Bookshelf

A Novel Proposal
For romance readers

A Novel Proposal

E. E. Everly

Annalise has a problem. She is in love with her boss, but Evan is clueless. Fed up with being in the friend zone, she quits without warning. She doesn't even want to read the edits he made on her novel. But when a friend insists she read the book, she discovers he has made some drastic suggestions. Will reading his changes help Annalise see Evan in a new light? Or has she lost her best friend.

check out my review
Murder She Edited
For mystery readers

Murder She Edited

Kaitlyn Dunnett

Freelance editor Mikki Lincoln has just inherited a farm boarding house, from a woman she barely knew. But there is one stipulation: she must find, edit, and publish an unknown number of journals within one month, else she loses the farm.

check out my review

Free Books

Path of the Heartbeats

Paths of the Heartbeats

The road to love isn’t always easy, even when heartbeats are connected.

Wylde and Dallas are neighbors with little in common. He sees a stuck-up girl who’s too good for their parties and would rather study than have fun, while Dallas sees a jerk who thinks getting drunk and laid is the key to happiness.

When Wylde’s kid brother shows up unexpectedly, Dallas witnesses the softer side of Wylde and is intrigued. She watches the way he cares for Motley and begins to realize she was wrong about him.

Will the path lead Dallas and Wylde to each other or will the journey through family problems, broken promises, and tragedies be too difficult to endure?

Arguing whether the answer

Arguing Whether The Answer Is 8 or 10 But Your Answer Was Blue!

A short funny novella about life during the 2020 UK lockdown!

Locked inside your own home, with only zoom and quiz nights to keep you entertained? What could possibly go wrong?

So, you've been told by the leaders of the country to stay indoors. You're stuck in your living room with nothing to do but watch Netflix and order random stuff from Amazon OR, you could jump on the waggon and join what half the world is doing, thanks to social media.

There's always one way to pass the time... Egos and bragging rights at the ready ladies and gentlemen; it's quiz time!

Midnight Deadline

Midnight Deadline

He's dead at midnight... Unless she saves him.

Sergeant A. J. Lozione is the consummate professional who gives her all to every assignment. But this is no ordinary kidnapping case.

She’s tasked with rescuing Harrison City’s wealthiest resident, a man whose philanthropic generosity makes most people excuse his philandering behavior. But A. J. can’t forgive his wandering ways or the fact that he broke her heart years ago. She’s the only woman who turned her nose up at his money, his adulterous ways, and his presumed entitlement.

The kidnapper’s deadline is midnight.

Will she save Tobias Benjamin Amanscott even though she wants him dead?

Would you like some free books in exchange for an honest review?

YA Review Be a Good Girl
Not Who They Really Are

Want more free books? Check out these giveaways!

YA Fiction Giveaway Mystery Giveaway

Other Books on Sale



Jayson. Ryder. Fallon. They were my best friends. They each owned a piece of my heart. But now, it’s time for me to make a choice.

Jayson was my first love. Ryder was my second chance. And Fallon? Well, he was my bad boy who turned into my hero. Three incredible guys who were my everything. Three guys who owned a piece of my heart. After a year of heartbreak and confusion, of indecision and one life-altering moment after another, everything comes full circle our senior year of high school. Lies, betrayal, love, friendship, and family. This is the end of my love story.

Elizabeth is the conclusion to the YA series and deals with sensitive topics such as death and dying, and teenage pregnancy. If you are sensitive to these topics, please proceed with caution. The Fallen Brook High School YA Romance Series is about a very unusual and unconventional bond between five friends. At the heart of the story are the themes of love and the deep bonds of friendship. Even though there are possible multiple love interests for Elizabeth, she makes a choice of who she wants to be with at the end of the book.

Elizabeth is Book 4 and should be read after Jayson (Book 1), Ryder (Book 2), and Fallon (Book 3). The YA series contains some mild language and other social issues and is intended for readers aged 16+.

Silver Spice

One in a Million

A Sweet Small-Town Romance

She thought she was running out of time...

Marin Walker has lived her entire life in Cornwall in the UK. She's engaged to the same boy she's been dating since she was fourteen and she works as travel blogger, covering her hometown. Marin has also been waiting since she was a child for a kidney transplant she desperately needs, due to the same genetic disease that took her mother. But thanks to her extremely rare blood type, she's never been sure she would get her chance... Until she gets a call from a transplant coordinator in the US. There is man there with her same rare blood type and she needs to get on a plane bound for Wintervale, Vermont right away.

He never expected he would turn his life upside down for a stranger...

Charlie "CJ" Sutton lives a quiet life in Wintervale. He's an elementary school teacher, he spends most of his time with his family or the same friends he grew up with, and that's always been enough. But when he gets a call on Halloween that his blood type is a match for a young woman on the other side of the ocean who needs a kidney, everything changes. Despite his initial misgivings, Charlie agrees, and Marin Walker comes to stay with his family in Wintervale as they both recuperate from the surgery. With months to spend in each other's company, the pair find themselves getting closer. But what kind of future do they have when Marin is going home in just a few months?

One in a Million is a sweet, small-town romance full of surprises, generosity beyond measure, and love found under the most unexpected circumstances!

*Includes a recipe inspired by the story!*

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice & Deadly Heist

Alan Danzabar has been accused of having been involved in a blatant bank robbery that resulted in the shooting death of a security guard.

All fingers are pointing at Alan by others who have been arrested and ultimately confessed to the crime, but Alan insists that he is innocent.

Will he get off the hook with the help of J. Wilfred & Company, particularly an employee there by the name of Barbara Sandosa who takes it upon herself to dig much deeper to uncover the truth in ways that her boss would never dream of? Or will Alan Danzabar be exposed as a liar and a killer?

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