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Celebrating a Little Early

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What's new with Ashleigh?

First of all, I would like to apologize because odds are, you are receiving this email on the wrong day. Why?

Well, that's going to depend on which newsletter you are receiving. Tuesday, I was unable to send my newsletter because of a minor health scare. (It's okay. I'm fine, or at least getting there. But I was unable to work Monday evening and all day Tuesday. I'm still not feeling 100% right now, but I really wanted to send this newsletter.) Thursday is Thanksgiving and Friday we will be travelling. So, I decided to send all my newsletters today. (Except my Monday one. You guys got me before I starting feeling ill.)

My second apology is for those of you reading my Choose Your Own Path stories. My Monday middle grade one went out no problems because that entire story is already written. I just had to find it on my computer, copy the story, and paste it into my email. The other three stories? Well, as you know, I write those every week based on your votes. However, last week, I just couldn't do it.

It's not that I don't love writing for you all. I really do. It's one of the many things for which I am grateful this Thanksgiving.

However, as you know, my family must come first.

My two oldest children are currently in eighth grade (#2 skipped a grade and is in the same grade as #1). Last year, I asked if they would like to attend "real" school for high school. They continued saying no until about a month ago. As soon as we started looking, we learned that we didn't have much time. Most of the schools they like had application deadlines last week.

So, instead of writing my CYOP stories, I was filling out half a dozen application forms, as well as all the associated financial aid applications.

I'm hoping to have the CYOP stories back by next week. However, now that applications are (mostly) submitted, it's time to focus on Thanksgiving and its traditions.

And I want to know:
What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Choose Your Own Path Stories

Late For Work is an interactive romance story.

Have you been following along? If not, here's a quick recap.

Late For Work

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The Rebirth
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A frontier world like Synoor sees all kinds of traffic; a confederate spy would hardly stand out. That’s the way Admiral DeWynter reasoned when she sent her only son to Synoor, to evaluate the world’s economic potential—and to spy on Regent Banoran. The moment Daniel DeWynter’s foot touches the dusty landing strip on the edge of the jungle, he feels he’s walked into a trap.

Days later, the rumors of invasion take on an ominous cast. As a soldier he could deal with the treacherous regent and his buddies, the pirates of New Hebrides. But he can’t deal with the possibility of losing the one person who is the star of his life—his wife who walks beside him, unaware that they may well be heading for execution.

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