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A Holiday Scavenger Hunt

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What's new with Ashleigh?

In my middle grade newsletter earlier today, I began a conversation on holiday traditions. My family has so many, that I have decided to share a few a day over the course of the month.

One of my favorite Christmas tradtions has always been displaying my creche. Sometimes we place it on a table or mantle, while other years we place it beneath the tree. When I was married, my grandmother gave me a beautiful set imported from Italy. I love it.

However, once we had children, I was too afraid to display it.

The problem was quickly solved, however, when we received a Little People nativity set. It replaced the creche under the tree and the children did a decent job of leaving it alone.

Until #3 came around with her amazing imagination. Each day, she would play with the set, reenacting the entire nativity scene or just letting the animals play together. The pieces were never in the same location two days in a row.

This year, my oldest has started a new tradition. There are 13 people or animals in the set. We removed baby Jesus and placed him in the last box of our advent calendar. (We have a large wooden one we refill each year.) Her original intention was to place an animal or person in the even-numbered boxes. However, when she realized they wouldn't fit, she decided to make it into a scavenger hunt. These pieces are scattered all over the house and she wrote a clue for each location. Every other day, the rest of the kids have to figure out the clue and find the creature. For example, the first clue mentioned the animal liked the cold. One child went to look in the front yard, another the garage. Only the youngest realized the clue was talking about the refrigerator. The cow was hiding behind the milk.

This activity has become so fun, I think it will become an annual tradition.

As for the rest of our family traditions, I will be posting more about them over the course of the month. If you don't receive my daily emails, feel free to follow the conversation on Bluesky, Facebook, or Instagram.

In the meantime,
What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Choose Your Own Path Stories

I know I have paused this story once before, but to be honest, I am a little overwhelmed at the moment. As much as I love providing my readers with new content, my family needs to come first. We are very busy preparing for the holidays and I simply have not had time to write. As much as I enjoy working on this project, I will have to put it aside for now. Perhaps it will return in the new year.

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life.

Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal.

New episodes are published every Wednesday.

What are some of Melinda's Holiday traditions?

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