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A New Chapter

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What's new with Ashleigh?

In my last newsletter, I told you that I was applying for teaching positions. Well, in an amazing series of events that started with running out of contact lenses, I applied for a position at a school less than ten miles from my house. As I mentioned last time, the principal called me and we had an amazing conversation. By the time we ended the call, he had more or less told me he wanted me for the job and wasn't considering any other applicants.

Of course, that didn't guarantee me the position. I went in a few days later to teach a class. And it went swimmingly. I later learned that one of the students told her mother (who is also on the faculty) that she liked the way I taught better than the teacher that was leaving. The principal must have as well, since he offered me a job that weekend.

Unfortunately, even though he wanted me to start immediately, it wasn't that simple. The district had to approve my hire. I can't work until my background check clears, so I had to rush to get fingerprinted and complete all the background information. Thankfully, I had already worked in this district, so they had some of my information on file. (Unfortunately, my background check had expired.) Additionally, I needed to organize childcare to homeschool my children, at least through the rest of this year. (We'll figure out next year when everything calms down.)

Now, the big question is how will working affect my writing. Believe it or not, I am confident I will find a happy balance and maybe even be more productive than I have been the past few months. Not at first, of course. It is going to take some time to learn how to juggle work and my family. Plus, it's dance competition season, so it's extra rehearsals and long weekends. However, I wrote my first novel while working as a full-time teacher. I'm confident I will find a way to balance writing with work.

If all goes well, I should begin my new job tomorrow. It has been 14 years since I taught in a traditional classroom. While the transition will be difficult, I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

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