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How Contact Lenses Led to a New Job

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While I love writing and editing, the truth is that I am not earning enough consistantly to pay for the bills we are anticipating for 2024. Therefore, my family and I decided I should return to work. Once upon a time, I was a classroom teacher, so I applied for some teaching positions. However, my teaching certificate expired while I was a homeschooling mommy.

Once upon a time, I taught middle school science. And I loved it. But it was a lot of work to prepare experiments and grade lab reports in addition to correcting homework assignments and tests. As I updated my resume, I realized that I have been tutoring children (and adults) in math for almost 30 years. If I returned to the classroom, I would love a math teaching position. However, since my certification is in science, it would have to be at a private school.

Knowing that renewing my certificate could take months, I applied for some substitute teaching positions. But there was a job nearby that really caught my eye. Middle school math at a private school less than 10 miles from my house. Unfortunately, I couldn't apply because they required an active teaching certificate (in any subject at the middle school level).

One Friday, in the chaos of getting ready to leave for our homeschool co-op, I realized I had run out of contacts. Long story, but I can only wear daily disposibles. I had thought I had another box (three-months supply), but I was wrong. Since I had a few minutes before we had to leave, I hurriedly went to reorder them. And the company I usually use was super expensive. After a quick search, I found a few other companies. One of them offered discounts to teachers.

I knew it was a long shot, so I checked the status of my certification. (No, I didn't have the window already open, refreshing it a couple of times a day.) To my surprise, it had gone through, even though I had just paid the second payment the night before.

Well, since I was on my computer, I might as well apply for that math position I had seen, right? It made us a little late for our co-op and I really didn't think I had a chance. But I would have felt guilty not applying.

The following Tuesday, I received a phone call. The principal and I had a long conversation and he more or less told me I was the only candidate he wanted for this job. The more I learned about the position, the more I loved it. Except for the fact the teacher I would be replacing was leaving in less than two weeks.

Needless to say, the last ten days have been a whirlwind. I needed to find a nanny to finish our homeschooling for the rest of the school year. I had to rush to get my fingerprinting and background checks finished so they could clear. Before I even signed my contract, the principal had me come to the school to review the books, show me the online support for the math program, and basically give me a 30-minute crash course of my new position.

Of course, working does not mean an end to my writing. In fact, I wrote my first novel while working full-time as a classroom teacher. However, juggling work and a family will mean less writing. (So will my daughter's dancing. Competition season has started!) I had hoped to publish four books this year. Now I will be happy to get two out. And I'm glad I decided to take a year off from in-person events.

The dust is settling and I begin my new job tomorrow. It has been 14 years since I taught in a traditional classroom. While the transition will be difficult, I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

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