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Will the craziness never end?

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What's new with Ashleigh?

Happy (belated) Friday! Again.

I am sorry, but I promise I am not trying to make this a habit. This week has just been beyond crazy.

And as I was about to tell you why, my phone rang. It was the mother of my daughter's friend.

My daughter planned a party for this afternoon. We were going to meet her friends at the ice rink, the girls would go to open skate, then I would drive them all to the diner for dinner and bring them all home. It was how she wanted to celebrate her birthday (which was a few days ago).

Back to my phone call. The mom told me that she was at the rink (her daughter is a competitive skater and more or less lives at the rink) and she mentioned in passing she would be back later. Well, long story short, she was calling to tell me that there was no open skate today! Apparently, when I confirmed the times with the rink a couple of weeks ago, they assumed I meant February and didn't tell me that the rink would be closed to the public for all of March.

So instead of me telling you about all the craziness of the past week, I just spend the last couple of hours finding a new place to take my daughter and her friends, texting all the moms, etc. Thankfully, we have it all figured out and my daughter is being very understanding about the entire thing.

In other news, as you know, I have been searching for a job. Long story short, I think I found one. Because I will be working more regular hours, it's possible I may be able to start sending this newsletter out on Fridays again. I will certainly try my best.

The next month is going to be a big adjustment for the entire Stevens family. But in the meantime, maybe you'd like to hear about some books.

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The Sabela Series Prequel

She needed a friend more than a lover - would he understand?

They say laughter is good for the soul. Something that had been lacking in Sabela's life since her father suddenly passed away.
Davin was smooth and spoiled, not her type but he made her laugh and she had grown fond of him quickly since their unexpected encounter but she didn't love him and didn't know if she ever could. Would Davin understand?
He had made a life-changing proposal to her but what was his alternative motive she wondered?
Everything was moving so fast and Sabela could see vast changes happening in her life in the near future but only if Davin accepted her terms. She had her doubts that he could.
This is the prequel to the Sabela series plus chapter one from Slater, book one in the series.
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Trusting Love
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Tess Browning earned the nickname Little Vixen for a reason. And she has no incentive to play by the rules anymore. Because why bother? All it ever did was trap her in a loveless marriage. Tossing faithfulness out the window, the only thing she is committed to now is her new code: keeping it fun, flirty, and deliciously sultry.

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