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Making Memories

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When I was in graduate school, one of my homework assignments was to observe children learning outside of a classroom. Although the playground was a suggested resource, it was winter, and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of sitting outside for an hour taking notes.

After a quick internet search, I decided to try a children’s STEM museum. It was only a couple of years old, not some place I visited as a child, and the descriptions sounded interesting.

I felt a little silly walking into the building. I was the only one there not accompanied by a child. However, once I explained why I was there, the staff welcomed me. They didn’t even charge me admission.

I stayed there for a long time. First, I explored the entire museum. (It’s really not that large. A walking tour took only a couple of minutes.) I can’t remember all the attractions, but I remember the one I loved the most: the rainforest room. For over an hour, I sat watching children learn how to be scientists exploring the rainforest, keeping research journals as they discovered new animals. They even got to dress the part! But everyone’s favorite was learning about the physics of pulleys as they hoisted their chair up a tree to the canopy.

As I took extensive notes, I kept telling myself that I could not wait to have a family of my own so I could share this place with them.

Yesterday, my oldest turned fourteen, and I asked how she wanted to spend her birthday. She wanted to go to that museum with her younger siblings. She had such fond memories, but I worried she was too old.

Nevertheless, it was her birthday, so we went. (We keep our membership active, as it grants us access to other children’s and science museums across the continent.) All four children had a ball. Because it was just after lunch on a school day, it wasn’t crowded. Younger kids were home taking their naps and older children were still in school. It wasn’t exactly empty, but my children never had to wait their turn to try an exhibit.

All evening, and even into this morning, the children thanked me for taking them there. All four of them truly had a wonderful time. I felt blessed that we had a place where everyone could make happy memories.

What about you?

Does your family have a favorite place to make memories?

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