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Oh No! Ashleigh's Sick Again!

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What's new with Ashleigh?

Guess what. I have Covid again. It's definitely not as bad as the last time I had it, since I wasn't 2000 miles from home when I got sick. Plus, I managed to self-isolate well enough that it's been a week and the rest of my family still hasn't gotten sick.

Things I've learned while being sick:

  • It is totally possible to watch too much television.
  • Mr. Stevens is entirely capable of taking care of the children, even if it means eating a lot of pizza.
  • Ice packs can keep beverages cold nearly 20 hours in my lunchbox.
  • It is difficult to focus while I am sick, but if I try hard enough, I might be able to write a chapter over the course of a day.
  • And, of course
  • Self-isolating is lonely. I miss my bed and my family.

Thankfully, I am on the mend and I hope we will be able to spend some quality time together on our upcoming family vacation.

What about you? What life lessons have you learned while you were ill?

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Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles
Season 5 of Hartfield Chronicles is here!

Melinda loves Pat, but sometimes she wishes he had friends of his own. When he starts spending time with her dance partner, however, Melinda can't help the feelings of jealousy that surface, especially when he starts choosing him over her. Will their relationship survive Pat's new bromance?

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Friday.

Here's what you missed:

Episode 116
Hartford Chronicles
Episode 117
Hartford Chronicles
Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with Pat, Melinda, and their friends Melinda and Pat perform community service

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The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth
A Castlewood High Origin Story

Beauty Queen, Evil Stepmother... and Ugly Duckling?

In this 9,000 word short story is a retake of the classic fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, learn the origin story of Tammy Norwell, the mean stepmother character in Pumpkin Run, Book 1 of the Castlewood High Tales Series.

BONUS! Read the first chapter of Pumpkin Run, Book 1 of the Castlewood High Tales Series, included at the end of this story.

Remember Me

Remember Me
Friends to Lovers Sweet Romance

Can young love stand the test of time and family interference?

Emma waited two years for Marc to see her as more than just a friend. Impatient, she let the school's star rugby player sidetrack her. Now free from that disastrous relationship, she has Marc's full attention.

One person stands in their way: her mother opposes their relationship. Now, Emma must make a choice that will bring her heartache no matter what she decides.

Marc let Emma slip out of his hands once before. He's determined that won't happen again. Even though he's from the wrong side of town, they click on every level. She's the one for him.

The end of their school year and prom edges closer. Every minute they spend together is precious. But time is not on their side.

One decision. Will their love survive?

Murder at the Magical Bookshop

Murder at the Magical Bookshop

Everbody inside! The wind is picking up and it's do or die for Sophie.

This tranquil northwest island community never weathered a storm like this.

Sophie is a small-town girl looking for adventure until a murder turns her life upside down, and adventure comes looking for Sophie.

She's the killer’s next target and the new owner of the family bookshop. After three years with the Peace Corps, this isn’t Sophie’s first crisis, but she could use a lifeline.

The town is like family and is always there for her. Sophie’s childhood friend, Detective Charlie Bell, keeps making wistful glances at her, and the town matchmakers are noticing.

A stranger floats in from out of nowhere, claiming to be a friend but knows more about the murder than they’re willing to admit. A protective cat Grandma kept at the bookshop becomes human and reveals itself as Sophie’s familiar–Help comes in all shapes and sizes. And it’s a good thing because when another dead body is found, Sophie realizes just how big the storm is.

The family bookshop contains power the killer wants for himself. It also holds secrets about Sophie’s childhood. When the foundation of reality begins to fade, the fate of her beautiful town lies in her hands. Sophie has a choice: continue chasing whales or embrace who she is and live the adventure right before her.

These are tricky waters. Grandma would know what to do. If only there were a way to see her alive–Just one more time.

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Descendants of Time and Death

Descendants of Time and Death
The Gods' Scion Book 2

It has been a year since the Reign of Ryton, the Demon King, came to an end. Leaving Rodrick to face the burden of the tyranny he left behind. Yet this time he is not alone. After foreseeing massive deaths on the horizon, Lady Death seeks out the twenty-year-old prince’s aid in stopping what seems like an unavoidable war. With the help of his older brother Rayden as his companion, the princess Arcelia, and Queen Riva for support, Roderick agrees to take on the monumental task. But the Diar Brothers are in for a wild ride of intrigue and betrayal when they meet a tyrant and a terrorist both fighting for control of a country that had already suffered under their father's reign. Secrets are revealed, promises broken, and trust is questioned. Rayden and Rodrick are going to have to race against time if they want to stop the war. Their journey will test every limit of their relationship and everything they've ever known.


Saving the universe one suicide mission at a time

Eccentric captain. Novice crew. A prototype ship locked and loaded for the most dangerous missions in the galaxy!

Special Ops Captain Renaud is sure Upper Command has gone crazy. He doesn't need or want a new crew. Especially not one specifically assembled as a showboat to impress the government of a non-aligned world. The war is going badly, and the United Planetary Authority needs all the help they can get.. Sure, these kids look terrific on paper and smashed it in training, but how good will they be in the field when faced with biomechanical space bugs bent on destroying humanity?

Renaud has secrets to guard. Dangerous secrets. His personal mantra is "don't get attached". But he's not the only one onboard who's wary. His new crack crew members have secrets too. If they're going to survive and make a good team, they're going to have to trust each other. Can he risk everything for his newfound family of battle buddies, or will the ever-growing web of bugs, lies, and politics devour them all?

Read Novaflight and join the crew of the Destrier as they try to save the universe, one suicide mission at a time.

The Flower Arraignment

The Flower Arraignment
A Garden Shop Cozy Mystery

A florist, a fire, and a socialite’s murder. . .

Emma Collins, the owner of the local flower shop, is a green thumb extraordinaire with a bit of a perfectionist quirk and an insatiable desire to solve mysteries. Once she sets her mind to something, she doesn’t stop until she figures it out.

When Emma reads about a seemingly innocent house fire in the local newspaper, she immediately suspects that there is more to the story. With the help of her best friend, she uncovers some clues and finds a body. Was the fire really an accident?

With the green light from the local sheriff’s office, she sets out on her own investigation. Turns out their quiet little town has more going on than she could have guessed. Can she and her best friend solve the murder before more bodies hit the ground?

This delightful full-length cozy mystery has a great small-town community, gossipy best friend, and plenty of mystery to keep you entertained.

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