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March Comes in Like a Lion

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What's new with Ashleigh?

You know that old saying, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Well for me, that is certainly true. I'm not talking about the weather (although we did get a nice storm this week). No, I am talking about story ideas.

That's right. This week, I got hit with a bunch of shiny new ideas. And I want to share one of them with you.

Have you ever played a Choose Your Own Adventure game? My kids love these on television and I've participated in some reading ones. Last weekend, I came up with the idea of doing one for my newsletter.

Now, previously I have asked if anyone wanted to read a chapter a week and received an overwhelming no. However, this would be different because it is interactive. (And don't worry. If you miss a newsletter, I will always include a link to the story so far.)

What would the story be? Well here is a sample. (Please note: If you have signed up for multiple emails, each will have a different story)

The Detention Adventure
A story for Young Adult readers

"It's not fair," you mumble to yourself as you push the shelving cart down the aisle. Gabe started that fight, but Mrs. Vile, the evil librarian gave you detention. Why does Gabe get to enjoy a sunny afternoon while you have to reshelve library books in the darkest recesses of the library?

Why are these books even on the cart? It's not like anyone even reads them. The only people ever in the library use the computers.

With a sigh, you turn into the next aisle. Is it your imagination or is it getting darker the further you walk? A shiver runs down your spine and you pull out your phone. "I'm just checking the time," you tell yourself.

Yeah, right. You can't hide from yourself.

You glance at the books on your cart. Maybe you should have organized them before disappearing into the stacks. If you put them in order, you won't have to zigzag your way through the shelves. Maybe you'll even finish your detention with enough time to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Bolstered by this idea, you grab two books from your cart and examine the numbers on the spine. 432 definitely went before 920. Placing the dictionary in front of the biography, you arrange them on the opposite side of the cart and pick up the next two books.

It takes hours to sort all the books, though your phone says it has been less than five minutes. Finally, you pick up the last two books. They are both novels, arranged by author last name, not subject.

Before you can check their spines for the call numbers, one of the covers catches your attention. Which is it?

Late For Work
A Romance

"I don't have time for this," you mumble to yourself as you pull into the coffee shop parking lot. You're late for work. Again. Does everyone in town really need to get their coffee right this second?

You circle the lot three times before finding a place to park. The guy in that black sports car doesn't look too happy, but you were clearly there first. You had your signal light on and everything.

Rushing into the store, you anxiously tap your foot at the back of the line. You can't see the menu, but it doesn't matter. You order the same thing so often, they should name a drink after you.

The door opens and someone gets in line behind you. With nothing better to do, you glance over your shoulder. The guy behind you looks familiar. You try not to stare, but you turn your body. To the casual observer, you are reading the community bulletin board. But out of the corner of your eye, you are examining your line buddy.

His hair is the color of freshly brewed coffee while his eyes resemble a mocha latte. About a head taller than you, he is dressed in jeans and a polo. Where could you have met him?

The line moves forward about a step and the guy leans forward slightly. He's probably trying to see the bakery case, but you can't help catching a whiff of him. Vanilla latte with a hint of musk.

Smiling at you, the guy gestures to the front of the store. When he says nothing, you follow his gaze. The line has moved while you're drooling over the eye candy behind you. Feeling your cheeks grow warm, you turn around and head to the register.

Five minutes later, you escape the building, drink in hand. You have ten minutes to get to your office on the other side of town. Not going to happen.

As you pull out of your parking space, you hear someone blasting a horn. Slamming the breaks, you check your mirrors. You almost backed into a black sports car. Your eyes go wide as you recognize the driver.

Who is it?

A Weekend at Munson Manor
A Mystery

"Welcome to Munson Manor. May I take your coat?"

Nodding, you remove your windbreaker. As you pass it to the butler, you can't help but feel underdressed in your jeans and sweater while he is wearing a three-piece black suit with a matching tie.

The butler drapes your jacket over his arm and gestures you inside. "Please come in. What is your name?"

Your reply is automatic, but before you reveal your real name, you remember the information packet you received when you registered for this weekend.

"Dr. Poole."

The butler nods. "Welcome, Doctor. My name is Charles. Allow me to show you to your room."

He grabs your suitcase, extending the telescopic handle and dragging it into the hall. Paintings hang on burgundy walls with ornate walnut wainscotting. Doorways lead to a number of rooms, but the butler gives you no time to explore. You have just enough time to notice a grandfather clock on your left before realizing the butler is already halfway up the stairs with velvet carpet the color of a fine merlot.

You hurry to catch up, passing a second clock on the landing. When you reach the top of the stairs, the butler turns right into a hallway with white marble floors and three white doors. The one on your right is ajar. The butler pushes it open and gestures inside.

"Your room, Dr. Poole."

Compared to the rest of the house, the room is small. A four-poster bed sits to the right and an oversized arm chair to the left. Between them is a white door with frosted glass.

The butler points to an armoire behind you. "You best get dressed. Dinner will be served at seven."

With a nod, he leaves, closing the door behind him. You open the armoire and see two outfits from the 1940s.

Which should you put on?

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