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Road Trip!

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What's new with Ashleigh?

It's my family's favorite time of year: our annual Six Flags road trip. This year, we're visiting a park that's new to us. This one has its own campground and we're super excited.

Now it's time for a little secret: I wrote this email last week! Normally, I write my newsletter just before sending it, or maybe a day in advance. But because we are travelling, I wrote this last week, not long after sending my last email. As a result, I don't really have that much to share.

I'm still taking a break from my derby project. I have a sequel in mind, but I am also catching up on my reading. I am a judge for several contests for self-published books, and I am using my downtime to read some of the entires. I have to say, I'm enjoying the stories I've read so far.

How about you? Have you read any good books lately?

(If so, can I post your recommendations on my website?)

Choose Your Own Path Stories

The Detention Adventure

The Detention Adventure is an interactive young adult story.

Late For Work

Late For Work is an interactive romance story.

A Weekend at Munson Manor

A Weekend at Munson Manor is an interactive mystery story.

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles

Season 6 of Hartfield Chronicles is here!

For Hartfield students, Spring Break means two weeks away from campus. Pat has so many plans: earning his pilot's certificate, the Hollywood premiere of Tomodachi, auditioning for a new movie, and spending time with the friends in L.A. that he hasn't seen in months. Melinda's only plan, however, involves being bored for two weeks at home. After an adventurous night babysitting, however, her parents have a surprise for her: she can join her friends in L.A.

Melinda can't wait. There are so many things she wants to see. But most of all, she's looking forward to seeing who Walter and Pat become when they become Wally and Patrick McGregor.

But L.A. isn't exactly the experience Melinda expects. Between Hollywood parties, Pat's ex-girlfriends, crazy fans, and paparazzi around every corner, Melinda questions whether she would be better off back in Connecticut.

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Wednesday.

Here's what you missed:

Episode 134
Hartford Chronicles
Walter and Pat visit Melinda for spring break

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Free Books

The Bully Mission

The Bully Mission
Solving Damian Dermite

What would you do?

How would you stop the most feared bully in school from humiliating your new best friend?
An impulsive 11-year-old boy named Alex Thomas has a simple solution: you hurl your left over pizza at him. Although it does mean he will have to spend the sixth grade finding clever ways to escape a vengeful bully. Alex soon discovers that hiding in the boy’s bathroom, stinking up the cafeteria, pulling the fire alarm ,and running away are not the answers. When he finds himself standing with no clothes on in front of the entire school, Alex quickly realizes things have gotten way out of hand. With help from his brother, and a calculated plan in place, Alex faces his greatest fear...and finally solves Damian Dermite.


A feel-good mystery romance about second chances, family bonds and happily ever afters.

Steamy contemporary romance novella with alternating POV and HEA that opens the series "Dr. Stone".

I can no longer deny how my doctor makes me feel. And he might just feel the same way.

His smooth, tanned face peering intently at me makes me go weak in the knees.

Dr. Stone moves from around his desk and comes to stand in front of me.

My heart skips a beat at his proximity.

I shudder and melt into his embrace, realizing that it had been too long since I’d been held.

The only problem is, he’s also my doctor.

“Coveted” is a steamy novella with alternating POVs and a cliffhanger that strings into the satisfying romantic HEA series “Dr. Stone”. Also, be sure to check out more dreamy doctors in my “Millionaire Doctors’ Club” Collection.

Secrets of Sunshine Inn

Secrets of Sunshine Inn
A feel-good mystery romance about second chances, family bonds and happily ever afters.

Three estranged sisters. A mysterious guest. A locked box. Long-held secrets that were never meant to be revealed.

When famed actress and recently widowed Susan Foster gets a chance to re-ignite her stalled Hollywood career, she gathers her three daughters for one last summer in Sunshine Inn, set in a quiet seaside town along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.

Their grand reunion is cut short when Susan is called away unexpectedly. Connie, Abby and Beth are forced to repair their relationships, heal scars from their past, and pack up their beloved family home that is full of treasured belongings and childhood memories.

But their walk down memory lane comes to a screeching halt when their last guest, Deacon Moore, arrives in the middle of a storm. Their world takes a drastic turn, leaving them scrambling to make sense of it.

Now that the sisters are left with no choice but to search for answers, they discover the sacrifices their mother made, the importance of family and the issues that strained their relationship no longer matter.

Come stay awhile at Sunshine Inn and find out how second chances, forgiveness and everlasting love changes the lives of the charming Windham family.

Secrets of Sunshine Inn is an enchanting feel-good, clean and wholesome women’s fiction series set in a beautiful beachside location with a puzzling mystery at its center and a heartfelt, generous sprinkle of romance.

Would you like some free books in exchange for an honest review?

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    Books for Review - Ends 8/19 - All
    Run for your life - Ends 8/18 - Mystery

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    Free All-Genre Romance - Ends 9/1 - Romance
All Things Clean/Sweet Romance - Ends 9/1 - YA, Romance

Summer Love - Ends 8/31 - YA, Romance
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Sweet Summer Romance - Ends 8/31 - YA, Romance
Mysteries, Thrillers, & Suspense - Ends 8/28 - Mystery

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Do you have Kindle Unlimited? These books are free for you!

Summer Silence - Ends 8/30 - All

Other Books on Sale

Billionaire Rock Star

Billionaire Rock Star
Christian Edgy Contemporary Fiction

Billionaire rock star, Ian Taylor, controls everything in his life… except love.

His girlfriend dumped him on New Year’s Eve, and everyone else gets close to him for his money and fame. His best chance at finding love is to meet a girl who has no idea he’s a rock star.

Quiet, unassuming Megan wants nothing to do with love. Her goal is to finish her last year of college, focused on her studies. Having a boyfriend can wait until after graduation.

When they meet in the most unlikely place for romance, Ian’s ready to win Megan’s hesitant heart, but not ready to reveal his superstar identity. Once she learns the truth, Megan finds that she doesn’t fit into Ian’s world of private jets, backstage parties, and star-crazed girls throwing themselves at him.

Can Megan see past Ian’s dishonesty and lifestyle? Or will their love song end before it’s begun?

Romanced By The Billionaire

Romanced By The Billionaire
A Fake Relationship-Steamy Enemies To Lovers

He’s her worst enemy – but she can't walk away.


Harry Roman is a scumbag, and I put just as much energy into hating him as he does into hating me. I don’t care how hot he is, I’ll never fall for his charm. But now I’m forced to live with him, and I’m not sure how long it will be before we’re at each other’s throats…


I've bedded a lot of women, but I've never met any who were like Quinn. She drives me crazy – but as much as I can’t stand her attitude, I’d still like to get my hands on her. And after my late brother’s last request lands me playing dad to his two kids, I have no choice but to go crawling to Quinn for help…

She thinks he’s a lying rake. He thinks she’s a judgmental brat. When a tragedy brings together two sworn enemies, Harry and Quinn are forced to pretend to get along. Harry doesn't know the first thing about being a dad, and Quinn can’t stand letting her cousin’s kids become Harry’s responsibility. But neither of them could possibly have foreseen how far things are about to spiral out of control...

Can this notorious billionaire playboy and his arch-nemesis see through their differences? And will their mutual contempt spill into something far more steamy and passionate than either of them could have imagined?

Perfect for fans of exhilarating billionaire love affairs, this steamy enemies-turned-lovers romance is a wild ride that juggles family drama with wit, banter, a fake relationship, and a cocky-hilarious billionaire playboy.

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