Thursday, December 21, 2023

More Holiday Traditions

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I can't believe it's nearly Christmas! Is it just me, or did time go by too quickly?

As I've mentioned before, my family has many traditions. One of my favorites is birthday cakes.

When my oldest was one, I took her to the party store and had her pick a theme for her first birthday party. When she selected Elmo, I bought the matching cake pan. The following year, I did the same for her second birthday. She again picked Elmo.

I made a decision at that moment to start a new tradition. When each of my children turn one, they pick their cake pan and each year, I make that child the same cake. Even when they leave home for college, I will continue to make that cake for their birthdays.

But, what does that have to do with our holiday traditions?

One year, one of my children suggested we make a birthday cake for Jesus. They selected a star and we used gold glitter dust on vanilla frosting to make it shine. And, like the rest of the birthdays in our family, it has become a birthday tradition.

We eat the cake with our Christmas Eve supper, even if we don't eat at home. This year, at the request of my niece, we made a Jesus birthday cake for our family celebration at the beginning of the month.

I'd still love to hear more about your holiday traditions on Bluesky, Facebook, or Instagram.

However, as we move toward the end of the year, I'd love to know:
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