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Trying Something New With Your Mystery Reads

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What's new with Ashleigh?

As you know, I usually send out my newsletter every other week, with some news about what's been going on with me, some book features, and a bunch of promotions for free or discounted books. Recently, I started sending my Choose Your Own Path stories on the "off" weeks along with the promotions for free & discounted books. However, since those stories are going on haitus for awhile, I was wracking my brain about what to feature on weeks like this.

And then it hit me. I want to feature YOU!

I know you love to read. Do you ever write reviews for those books? Or maybe you'd like to try your hand at it? I'd love to share those reviews with my readers.

How would it look? Something like this.

Louisiana Longshot

Louisiana Longshot

by Jana Deleon
Reviewed by Ashleigh

When CIA assassin Fortune Redding's life is endangered, she sets out on her most dangerous undercover mission yet - posing as a beauty-queen librarian in the Louisiana Bayou. But maintaining her cover isn't easy when a human bone is found on her property on her first day. When the Ladies' Society involves her in the investigation, Fortune begins to wonder if she was better off as prey for the hired assassins.

I absolutely loved this book. While I liked watching Fortune bumbling in an identity that goes against her very nature, I fell in love with Gertie. I found her hilarious, especially when discussing the local laws. The Banana Pudding War (which, according to Gertie, was worse than the Civil War) had me laughing out loud. In fact, there were several pages where I found myself laughing aloud, a true rarity for me.

I did have a few minor issues with the grammar and slips in point of view, but it wasn't enough to detract from the story. There was, however, one incorrect fact. One of the characters states that Moonshine isn't illegal anymore. However, it is. According to both federal and local laws, it is still illegal to have a private distillery. While I wouldn't expect the main character to correct the woman telling her about it, I would expect her to acknowledge it in her internals.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more about Miss Fortune. I would rate this story five quills and place it on my top shelf.

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