Thursday, January 4, 2024

What are your reading goals for the year?

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What's new with Ashleigh?

I apologize if you read already this week, but as our family is recoving from Covid this week, I wasn’t up to writing something new today.

Since it is now 2024, it is time to officially end Ashleigh’s 2023 Reading Challenge. Everyone did an incredible job. We had 22 participants, many of whom met at least half their reading goal. Together we read 1780 books. That’s incredible!

Despite the success of this challenge, I have decided not to continue with it at this time. It may return next year, but I have some other ideas I am looking to try.

However, I am still setting several reading goals for myself this year. I would like to expand my horizons by reading more books outside of my favorite genre. Also, since I will be focusing on my editing and publishing this year, I am reducing my reading goal to 50 books. That’s one a month for my book club and another one or two each month for fun.

How about you?
What are your 2024 reading goals

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Kayaks, Kisses & Monsters

Kayaks, Kisses & Monsters

A summer of kayaking sounds perfect. Until the lake monster appears.

For Ellie, getting paid to spend her summer outside sounds like the ideal internship, even if it means paddling up and down a river twelve hours a day. Sure, she's never actually been in a kayak before, but how hard could it be?

At least she knows how to set up camp at night. Unlike her co-worker. Though Clay may be captain of the crew team, she could teach him a thing or two about spending the night in a sleeping bag.

And then there's the whole lake monster thing. Of course, Ellie knows water monsters aren't real but Clay doesn't seem convinced, especially after a boater goes missing. When mysterious accidents threaten her job security, Ellie starts to wonder why the "monster" wants her gone.

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Murder at the Wine Cave
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Avery and her tight-knit group of friends embark on an idyllic winery tour, only to stumble upon a shocking discovery: a body hidden within the depths of a wine cave.

As the authorities scramble to piece together the evidence, suspicion falls on the victim's long list of enemies.

Accompanied by her loyal and beloved golden retriever, Sprinkles, Avery must navigate the treacherous waters of hidden secrets and deadly motives to expose the truth.

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