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A Gazillion Apologies

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Happy (belated) Thursday!

I know, I know. It's Saturday. I'm not even going to pretend I wrote this and forgot to send it. I simply have not had a chance to write before now. I have been busy doing something I haven't had to do in nearly 20 years.

I have been job hunting!

Although I have been writing forever, it has never been my primary occupation. While I consider it a vocation, I will be honest. It is not paying the bills.

So I have decided to reenter the workforce. I couldn't find time to send you this email because I was busy with job applications and interviews.

But it's been a while. My last interview was just after my middle daughter was born, a little over nine years ago. And that wasn't so much a job interview as a family interview for all of us to join a homeschool co-op. I just happened to learn about it because they needed more tutors. My last real job interview was in 2007 when I was looking for a teaching position.

A lot has changed since then and it makes me feel old. But, I'm looking forward to new challenges. And I'm excited about returning to the classroom.

Don't worry. I'll still be sending you these biweekly freebies and deals. And I'm never going to stop writing. You may just have to wait a little longer for my next book.

Until then, how about some freebies?

Free Books

Cold Woods Preview

Cold Woods Preview
A fast-paced, suspenseful and witty crime thriller

A serial killer is using Glacier National Park as their personal hunting grounds

Glacier National Park’s one million acres just became the hunting grounds of a serial killer.

To save her job, FBI Special Agent Kenzie Harper must go to the one place she fears more than any other—the woods. Banished to remote Glacier National Park and partnered with a park ranger with a past, Kenzie is one unhappy camper. But when young women start turning up dead in the park, Kenzie must figure out how to work in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

With the summer crowds looming, and her career on the line, Kenzie races to solve the case before the killer strikes again. But as the body count rises, she realizes the danger may be closer than she ever imagined.

With its stunning Montana backdrop and gripping plot twists, Cold Woods is a must-read for fans of crime thrillers and suspense novels. If you love books by bestselling authors like Lisa Regan and Craig Johnson, you won't want to miss Cold Woods. Grab your copy now!

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Other Books on Sale

Don't Forget Me

Don't Forget Me
A Ghost Story

Three years after Ethan watched Elle go into the light, he thought he'd settled into life as a doctor in a small country hospital, but now he's back in the city for a conference and apparently back to trying to help ghosts move on in between networking, reconnecting with his ex, Amelia, and keeping his nephew, Levi, in check.

When Levi's first day of high school sees him reunite with his old best friend and his ghostly sister, he needs his uncle's assistance to help her move on to the other side. But first, he must work out while she's still here.

As for Amelia, she has her own troubles and they may, or may not include another ghost.

With all this ghost whispering going on, will Ethan actually be able to attend his conference? And, perhaps more importantly, rekindle the spark with the one who got away?

Don't Forget Me is a touching second-chance romance and ghostly mystery full of heart.

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