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Happy Thursday. Can you believe it’s nearly May? I apologize for missing my last newsletter. This month has completely gotten away from me.

As you know, I recently returned to working full time. The past week has been particularly difficult, trying to rewrite my lesson plans to include my in-class tutor. Throw in three interviews for next year, two dance competitions, and a karate tournament, and I really have had no idea what day it is.

Not that I’m complaining. I am enjoying my time in the classroom. Even my more challenging students. And we are still finding time for family activites.

This weekend, we went to the amusement park. We told the children we were going to our religious education class. It took nearly 20 minutes for the first one to say "It doesn't usually take this long to get there." About 20 minutes later, they expected us to turn around. It wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot that they realized where we were going. And they had a ball. It was a much needed Family Fun Day.

What about you?
Have you ever surprised someone [or been surprised] with a family fun day?

Now, since I’m still adjusting to my new schedule, I am sending the same What's New with Ashleigh to each of ny newsletters this week. So, if you receive multiple emails, you may want to scroll down to the free reads and deals tomorrow.

Free Books

The Invisible Cipher

The Invisible Cipher


No one expects danger in a Midwest farm town. But when you’re down on your luck, you’re a walking target.
Neil Gatlin wants nothing more than to return home to Indiana and girlfriend, Sunshine. But with truck problems and little money, Neil enters a pool game and misreads the cues. His win becomes a trap and he’s wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit.
Imprisoned, Neil’s troubled past, and the lies that entangled him, must be exposed. Working to secure his freedom, Neil discovers coded messages. The only one with the skills to decipher a deadly plan by hardened criminals; Neil must code his responses and hide his intensions or be killed.
As tensions rise and dangers increase, Neil doesn’t know who to trust. But time is running out. If Neil chooses to save others, he may never see freedom and Sunshine again.
If you like Elizabeth Gooddard’s Never Let Go, Helena Marchmont’s Bunburry Cosy Mysteries or Hope Callaghan’s Savannah Mysteries, then you’ll love The Invisible Cipher.
As the code becomes clear, Neil realizes doing what’s right may cost him his life. Click the GET THIS STORY button above and enter Neil’s world today.

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Other Books on Sale

Murder at the Harvest Field

Murder at the Harvest Field
A Small Town Friends Culinary Cozy Mystery Series with Recipes

When a body is discovered in the middle of a vineyard's harvest festival, winemaker Avery Parker must put down her glass of vino to pick up the clues.

With a dangerous murderer potentially lurking around in her small town of Los Robles, California, the once-peaceful community is thrown into turmoil.

Can Avery channel her amateur sleuth skills to crack the case? Along with her detective boyfriend Charles and canine companion, Sprinkles, by her side, she starts examining the victim’s past and piecing together the final moments of his life.

The clock is ticking as the close-knit town hangs in the balance.

Grab a bottle of your favorite vintage and get ready for a killer read filled with secrets, twists, and red herrings galore in Murder at the Harvest Field.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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