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It's a small world

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In my last newsletter, I mentioned my family was going camping. It was a crazy weekend. After helping set up the camper, I had to take my daughter to her dance picture day. Since she had to return to the studio the following morning, we didn't go camping that night. When we finally returned to the campground Saturday morning, we learned our family had befriended the family at the neighboring campsite. The kids got along great and we had a fantastic time.

Saturday afternoon, the two families decided to head to the beach. While we were packing our wagon, the guy next door mentioned they live near the beach.

Us too!

After a few minutes of conversation, we realized we were both talking about the same beach! That's right. They live about a mile away from us, shorter as the crow flies. The husband even organizes an annual 5K that runs right by our street. We couldn't believe it! Needless to say, we made sure to exchange phone numbers to arrange playdates over the summer.

Believe it or not, this was not our greatest "It's a small world" experience. One year, we were standing in line at an ice cream shop in Maine. The family in front of us were friends from the homeschool co-op we had joined a few months earlier. Our children were in the same classes! Turns out, we both had family in the area and liked to visit the same week.

But camping next to people who live less than a mile away is definitely a close second!

How about you?
Have you ever been on vacation had a small world experience?

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles

Hartfield Chronicles is taking a break!

Hartfield Chronicles is taking a break. But stay tuned! New episodes are coming in August!

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Wednesday.

Season 6 coming in August!

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My Billionaire Secret Lover

My Billionaire Secret Lover
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She’s my best friend’s daughter. She’s forbidden. I can’t live without her.

I don’t often deny myself the things that I want, as evidenced by the news articles and press releases that swirl around my name.

Playboy. Womanizer. Player. Billionaire. They call me all kinds of names, but those who know me just call me Michael.

If I want something, I’ll find a way to get it – and I don’t care what lines I have to cross. And right now, I want her… Sarah. My best friend’s daughter.

She was hired on as an attorney for my company, but I didn’t even recognize her at first.

My eyes roamed over every curve of her body, memorizing each dip and sway. But when I realized who she was, my world came to a screeching halt.

She’s too tempting… and I’m not strong enough. What will her father say?

Antiques to Die For

Antiques to Die For
A Whodunnit Cozy Mystery

Some twins just need a psychic cat to solve a murder

Lola and her twin brother Jax return to their small island hometown to inherit an antique business - and the two begin the next chapter of their lives living on a dream island.

However, a series of murders soon rock the close-knit community and Lola finds herself at the center of a disturbing, yet poetic string of murders.

With a new business to run, grumpy employees to handle, and gossipy friends who can’t be cured from a severe case of gossip vomit, all she needs now are fingers pointing at her.

Good thing she doesn’t tell them about her psychic cat who has a “thing” for death poems.

The town needs reinforcements… so as soon as the out-of-town detective arrives to investigate these murders, Lola doesn’t know if she should clear her name or fall in love.

From haikus left on victims to gossip around town that can kill, join Lola as she navigates through a web of secrets to find out whodunnit.

A hesitant amateur sleuth, a psychic cat, and a town that can’t keep their mouths shut when the dashing detective comes around, who knows if the real murderer will be exposed.

After all, Karma loves a good haiku.

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Hot Chocolate - Ends 7/16 - Mystery
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Ghost Town

Ghost Town

A story about lost love and redeeming oneself.

Willow was like any other teenage girl until a fatal car accident left her an orphan with the ability to see ghosts. Relocating to live with her grandparents, she hoped to lay low to survive the rest of high school and maybe figure out the whole "seeing the dead" thing. But with ghosts popping up in the middle of class, Willow was struggling to keep the gossip at bay. No one thinks you're normal when you get caught having a one-sided conversation alone.

Finding friends isn't easy, but finding enemies is another story. But her curse can also be a gift. She's discovered she can make a difference by helping earth-bound spirits move on. Yet when she meets one in an old abandoned school, she finds she might have met her match. It's not like she has years of experience. She's still been kind of winging it. Can she help him move on or will he be tied to the building forever?

And can she keep everyone from finding out that she can see the dead?

Dance Romance

Dance Romance
Steps of Love Book 1

Career and love which is greater?
Larry Dawson Daisy Spenser - two high school enemies fall for each other as they chase the same career. Larry who never planned to fall in love finds himself falling deeply for his greatest enemy.
Dasiy on the other hand has her career to focus on as her number one priority but finds herself rocking the boat between her dance carer and her love for Larry Dawson. Which comes first? What will become their fate both in dance and love. Find out!

Her Perfect Murder

Dark Secret Life
A Gripping and Addictive Psychological Thriller Suspense

Desperation leads to dangerous choices.

Kendrick felt that he wasn't good enough for his girlfriend, Emma.

Then he got a job offer that promised to solve all his problems.

He accepts, diving into a dark double life that he must keep a secret even from her.

He knew that working for this new company meant breaking a few rules.

But when he finds proof that the organization is taking a much darker path, painful memories from his childhood emerge.

Kendrick has reached his limits; he knows the consequences are too horrendous to overlook.

He understands that quitting now is not an option, running away is nearly impossible, and going against the organization is a death sentence.

But he needs to make a decision and act quickly, as his life and the lives of others depend on it.

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