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Family Vacations

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This week was our annual family vacation to Maine. In years past, the fourth of July was a time for my husband, his parents, his brothers, and their families to gather at the lake house. Over the past few years, however, scheduling conflicts have resulted in the brothers and their families unable to join us. That means my kids don’t get to play with their cousins, but they have plenty of fun nevertheless.

We have many traditions when we go to Maine. We have to take a family kayak trip up the river. It was this trip that inspired Kisses, Kayaks & Monsters. This year, due to the rains, the water was very high, making for a lovely paddle. Unfortunately, every time I saw movement on the water (either from water striders or the wind), I couldn’t help but wonder if something was lurking in the murky depths.

Another tradition is to visit the lighthouse that inspired P.S.: It Was Murder. Like Lisa, I like to sit on the rocks and watch the waves crashing below. It is very hypnotic and mesmerizing. It can also be very therapeutic.

We plan our vacation around the ice cream social. You may remember back in February when I mentioned we were visiting Maine for the ice harvest. Well, the volunteers who run the ice house use that ice to make hand-cranked ice cream for the social. This year, the rain was horrible, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying one of our favorite family traditions.

Another tradition is to go shopping in a specific village, stop in specific stores, and buy popcorn while we are there. This year, the specific stores included buying cheap some cheap t-shirts for me.

We have two indoor traditions as well. The first is to go old school. We have a huge collection of VCR tapes in Maine. Many of these movies, while available to stream, my children look forward to watching while we are in Maine. We also have my grandfather’s original 8-bit Nintendo system. He bought it new and hardly used it. (He bought us one at the same time, but my brother eventually traded it for a newer system in high school.) Years ago, I brought this system up to Maine. My 5-year-old’s favorite part of our Maine vacation is playing Duck Hunt. This year, my mother-in-law got a new television. We redesigned the entire family room so we could keep the cathode-ray television for Duck Hunt. It means that much to my children.

Our final family tradition is to play board games. While we do this at home, it is growing increasingly more difficult to find time to do so due to everyone’s busy schedules. In Maine, we have the time to play some of our favorite games, as well as some new ones. As I write this, the 5-year-old is playing chess with Daddy (and winning).

What about you?
What are some of your “must dos” on your family vacations?
(Or maybe on your family staycations?)

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