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Seeking Beta Readers

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What's new with Ashleigh?

Do you remember a few months ago I mentioned being part of the Inkfort Press Publishing Derby? Well, we are rapidly approaching the next phase: Beta Reading.

Due to the anonymity of the contest, the derby runs their beta phase a little differently. Authors who finish their stories by the deadline will submit their books. Those in charge will create a summary of the blurbs and send it out in one big email. Beta readers sign up for the books that interest them the most and those in charge send links to those stories. The books range in audience (middle grade, young adult, and adult) and genre (romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, etc) so there are books for everyone.

Would you like to be a beta reader for the Derby?

Derby Beta ARC Sign up

You can also use the link if you want to sign up to be an ARC reader. ARC readers receive a copy of the final book, usually the copy about to be published (though sometime the author sends out ARCs while doing their final proofreading). Readers are asked to leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you leave your book reviews as close to the publication date as possible.

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles

Hartfield Chronicles is taking a break!

But stay tuned!
New episodes are coming in August!

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Wednesday.

Season 6 starts Wednesday, August 16th!

For Hartfield students, Spring Break means two weeks away from campus. Pat has so many plans: earning his pilot's certificate, the Hollywood premiere of Tomodachi, auditioning for a new movie, and spending time with the friends in L.A. that he hasn't seen in months. Melinda's only plan, however, involves being bored for two weeks at home. After an adventurous night babysitting, however, her parents have a surprise for her: she can join her friends in L.A.

Melinda can't wait. There are so many things she wants to see. But most of all, she's looking forward to seeing who Walter and Pat become when they become Wally and Patrick McGregor.

But L.A. isn't exactly the experience Melinda expects. Between Hollywood parties, Pat's ex-girlfriends, crazy fans, and paparazzi around every corner, Melinda questions whether she would be better off back in Connecticut.

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Can't wait for the next season?

Hammerheads can read new episodes now!

Hammerhead Club

Membership benefits:

  • Read new episodes 4 weeks in advance
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Free Books

     Seeds from the Story Tree

Seeds from the Story Tree
A FREE Short Story Collection

Bushfire and violence threatens the search for the next Storyteller and the survival of a Country’s stories.

A social media influencer takes a virtual holiday but gets more than she bargained for when the AI takes control.

The bitter Lady of the Parsonage ensures her rival is declared a witch, only to find herself haunted by the accused...or something far more sinister.

A young woman is on a trip of a lifetime in a remote part of the Arctic when she is drawn into a dramatic showdown with a shapeshifter.

An Aboriginal woman is on a mission to piece together her family and the storylines of past, present and future.

From fae, shapeshifters and sirens to time travel, magic and witches, this 100 page book contains 11 stories and the first chapter of the YA fantasy novel The Firemaster's Legacy: The Kyprian Prophecy Book 1.

     Grumpy Billionaire Dean

Grumpy Billionaire Dean
An enemies to lovers romance

Falling for the grumpiest man on campus is one thing, but for that man to also be your boss is a whole other thing…

He’s known as the Dean of Students, but in my opinion he’s the Dean of Absurdity.

He’s also extremely smug, so he’s probably enjoying the control he feels by instituting these archaic rules and policies.

Although I’m sure he didn’t originally create them, enforcing them still screams bosshole.

The first chance I get, I am going to give him a big piece of my mind and tell him where he can shove it!

This was totally the plan until one late evening, a snowstorm and a broken heater led me to find warmth in the grump of a Dean’s office.

And let’s just say that the temperature in the office may have gotten a little too hot.

And now we have just broken the ultimate rule...

Antiques to Die For

Antiques To Die For
A Whodunnit Cozy Mystery

Some twins just need a psychic cat to solve a murder

Lola and her twin brother Jax return to their small island hometown to inherit an antique business - and the two begin the next chapter of their lives living on a dream island.

However, a series of murders soon rock the close-knit community and Lola finds herself at the center of a disturbing, yet poetic string of murders.

With a new business to run, grumpy employees to handle, and gossipy friends who can’t be cured from a severe case of gossip vomit, all she needs now are fingers pointing at her.

Good thing she doesn’t tell them about her psychic cat who has a “thing” for death poems.

The town needs reinforcements… so as soon as the out-of-town detective arrives to investigate these murders, Lola doesn’t know if she should clear her name or fall in love.

From haikus left on victims to gossip around town that can kill, join Lola as she navigates through a web of secrets to find out whodunnit.

A hesitant amateur sleuth, a psychic cat, and a town that can’t keep their mouths shut when the dashing detective comes around, who knows if the real murderer will be exposed.

After all, Karma loves a good haiku.

Would you like some free books in exchange for an honest review?

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Cozy Mystery Beach Reads - Ends 8/3 - Mystery Summer Reading for KU - Ends 7/31 - All

Other Books on Sale

Blink and We'll Miss It

Blink and We'll Miss It

Mae Griffin’s last blink was six hundred and fifty-three days ago, when she left Minnesott Beach, North Carolina, for good.

It might have been the move. It’s probably the lack of stress now that her mom is stable. All Mae knows is that her world no longer shifts. She doesn’t glimpse people from the past or fall headlong into their private moments. As long as she can go to school, keep her friends at arm’s length, and make sure Mom takes her medication, she’ll have a pretty solid end to junior year.

Except stability breeds complacency, and when Mae’s not looking, life falls apart. Reeling from a tragedy she should have seen coming, Mae returns to her grandparents’ centuries-old house on the Carolina coast, to the friendships she destroyed and the stoic, dark-haired boy who makes her heart ache.

Back to the blinks that plague her mental health.

As Mae’s blinks ramp up in intensity and frequency, she discovers an unsettling truth. Her greatest fear is the key to healing old, brutal wounds and unearthing family secrets that sparked a bitter feud. Torn between loyalty to the friends she once loved and protection from the pain of starting over, Mae must decide if she can open her heart. Not just to the life she let go, but to the parts of herself she’d rather keep hidden. Blink and We’ll Miss It is a poignant, swoon-worthy novel about finding the strength to forgive, the courage to move forward, and the vulnerability to fall in love.

      The Billionaire Doctor

The Billionaire Doctor
Her Brother's Best Friend Steamy Series

Forbidden Fruit Is The Most Tempting…

Nate: Sydney Elliot is off-limits. I’ve known that for years. Then why can’t I take my eyes off her? I thought I put my forbidden attraction for her in the past, but when she turns up on my doorstep looking for a job, I’m faced with a horrifying realization – I’m in love with my best friend’s little sister.

Sydney: Ever since Nate broke my heart all those years ago, I’ve kept my distance… but I can’t avoid him forever. My crush has blossomed into full-blown lust – and this time, I want him more than ever, even if it means getting involved in a secret relationship that could throw both our lives into chaos.

When Sydney is forced to rebuild her life after a disastrous breakup, she finds herself roped into working in the sunny city of Miami alongside her brother’s wealthy best friend. There’s only one big problem: she’s had a not-so-secret crush on him for as long as she can remember. If her brother finds out, he’ll go ballistic – and even though they’re playing with fire, her feelings for Nate are getting stronger by the day.

Nate walked away from her once. Can he find the strength to refuse her again? Or will their feelings be too strong for them to resist?

Discover a gripping and steamy billionaire romance that’s bursting with spicy scenes and forbidden love. Combining all the exotic thrills of a Miami backdrop with a charismatic bad boy and the curvy woman he craves, The Billionaire Doctor box set is a wild adventure that is bound to keep you guessing.

Dark Secret Crimes

Dark Secret Crimes
A Completely Addictive, Fast-Paced Psychological Thriller

In an attempt to protect his family from his father's anger, Semjah's life takes a chilling twist.

Semjah struggles with his desire to be a good son and make his father proud.

But he knows the day will come when he has to confront his father.

As he tries to maintain peace, one fateful day, his father's actions cross the line forcing Semjah to go on the run.

Semjah finds refuge and a sense of belonging in the criminal underworld, Where he lives a life of crime, secrecy, and regret.

But trust is scarce, and loyalty comes at a deadly price.

He forms unlikely bonds hoping to build a better life.

But tragedy strikes each time, breaking his heart and damaging his fragile psychological state.

Consumed by rage and grief, Semjah descends into a spiral of addiction and vengeance.

Now he faces a hard decision; can he stop himself and choose right over wrong, or succumb to the very darkness he seeks to overcome?

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