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What's new with Ashleigh?

Last week, I participated in a stuff your e-reader event and gave away over 1000 free copies of my scifi medical romance. I enjoy these giveaways so much, I'm participating in two more in the next few weeks. I'm not telling you when they are, but you can expect an email from me the morning of the event.

Unfortunately, since I was traveling (without internet!), I wasn't able to participate as a reader in this last event. Actually, now that I think about it, these events keep happening on days I'm unable to stuff my e-reader. Not that I need it. My TBR is still out of my control.

But I still would like to know more about the reader side of the event.

Have you participated in any of these 200+ book giveaways?
How many books do you typically download?
Do you read them all or are you collecting them for a rainy day?

Inkfort 2023 Derby - Ends 10/25 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery,
In other news, Monday was the release of our derby books. Of the 100 authors who participated this year, 45 published stories by Monday. I am so excited about how many of us made it to this final stage. If you havent had a chance, check out the books. Can you figure out which is mine?

Choose Your Own Path Stories

The Detention Adventure

The Detention Adventure is an interactive young adult story.

Late For Work

Late For Work is an interactive romance story.

A Weekend at Munson Manor

A Weekend at Munson Manor is an interactive mystery story.

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Wednesday.

Free Books


A clean Young Adult romance about popularity, gamers and fairies

Because your fairy godmother knows best

Popularity is everything, and Honey Hawkins knows it.

So why is she having romantic dreams about happily ever after with Micah Jones, the biggest nerd in school? Even worse, how did she get tangled up with the mysterious online gamer, SplinterM, who knows how to charm her to the core of her popular-loving heart?

If Honey is going to maintain her social status, she's got to get out of this dork dilemma without her friends finding out. Because everyone knows happily ever after is with the popular Prince Charming, not the King of the Nerds.

A Mermaid's Wish

A Mermaid's Wish

Humans Meet Mermaids.

What happens when a young human boy meets a mermaid? Will they become friends or will he tell the wrong person?

The Cutest Puppies in the World

The Cutest Puppies in the World
A Men Who Stitch Mysteries Short Prequel

Yodelers, geriatric Zumbaers, crafts, and . . . a basket of puppies?

Obadiah (Di) Goode is having a weird day. As the only African-American in the less-than-stellar Prospector’s Rest, North Carolina Sheriff’s Department, he’s used to being sent out to take his colleagues’ lunch orders. Even if the local talent can be a little odd, discovering a basket of newborn puppies on the department doorstep is not the usual sight at the town’s annual Crafts FĂȘte.

Still, now that they’re here, he and MacBeth (Mac) Welles, the woman Di’s been sweet on since they were both in the playpen together, will have to try to discover where these pooches came from, all while helping the town vet look after their new fuzzy friends.

Against the background of a tiny mountain town caught in the frenzy of the fĂȘte, Di and Mac will brave the festival’s many odd sights and sounds to solve the mystery and help the puppies find a home.

Move to Prospector’s Rest, NC, where the craft stores nearly outnumber the people and one man with a very embarrassing pastime and an ability to knit works with the woman he loves to try to keep the peace in this funny prequel to the Men Who Stitch cozy mystery series.

Want more free books? Check out these giveaways!

Contemporary Romance Promos - Ends 10/06 - Romance, Fall Into Sweet Romance - Ends 9/30 - YA,Romance,
For the Love of Books - Ends 9/30 - Romance,Mystery, September Giveaway - Ends 10/02 - Mystery,
Let's *Fall* in Love this September - Ends 9/30 - YA,Romance, Sweet Romance - Ends 9/30 - YA,Romance,
Sweet Romance Giveaway - September - Ends 9/30 - YA,Romance, Free All-Genre Romance Promo - Ends 10/01 - Romance,
Cupid's Library - Ends 10/10 - YA,Romance, Freefall! Free Romance Reads for Early Fall - Ends 10/13 - Romance,
Love & Romance - Ends 10/16 - Romance, Surviving the Elements - Ends 10/21 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery,
A Writer's Give to Readers - Ends 10/22 - YA,Romance,Mystery, Mysteries, Thrillers, & Suspense Giveaway - Ends 10/27 - Mystery,
Quality Fiction - For Free - Ends 10/30 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery,

Do you have Kindle Unlimited? These books are free for you!

Fun, Sassy, & Sweet Books on KU - Ends 10/01 - YA,Romance,Mystery, KU Take Your Pick - Ends 10/21 - YA,Romance,Mystery,
Super Reads in KU - Ends 10/21 - YA,Romance,Mystery,

Other Books on Sale

Basketballs and Mistletoe

Basketballs and Mistletoe
All's Fair in Love and Sports Series

Too many basketballs and not enough kissing.

All Matt Bailey wants is to focus on his position as starting point guard for the varsity basketball team. When an epic kiss and a social media scandal forces him into the arms of the beautiful and spunky Trina Wynter, he finds himself in a fake relationship with a girl just crazy enough to think she can take on the world.

When Trina gets cut from the girls’ basketball team, she thinks her senior year is wasted, until a closetful of basketballs and two hundred sprigs of mistletoe bring every athlete in Grand Haven High School together for a good cause, and a great excuse for more kissing.

Basketballs and Mistletoe is a stand-alone novella in the All’s Fair in Love and Sports Series.

Last Frontier

Last Frontier
Book Seven of the Rim Chronicles

There’s only one man who makes Dr. Karin Vexley supremely uncomfortable, and he has just transferred to her ship. Finding out this nasty bit of news, is a revelation and a warning. Karin wants to shut out the former and ignore the latter. The child prodigy has packed a lot of accomplishments into her tender twenty-one years, but shutting out the man who says she looks like a gorgeous angel, is not going to be one of them.

Those two seemingly innocuous words, gorgeous angel, threaten to unleash a flood of memories that Karin does not want to deal with. It’s what her father used to say to her mother. It’s the last thing child-Karin remembers of her parents on that fateful day on Dracken’s World, when they took the (speedy) ride down a shaft on their way to work—as mining engineers.

Today, Karin is a Chief Medical Officer on the latest Devon-class prototype starship, the UGS Trevor Meridian. Her friend, Kitaya, serves beside her – often literally since all Fleet crew members are encouraged to train for double or triple classification. Their current mission is as curious as it’s troubling. It will take them to the most dangerous and volatile region in the Federation-held starfields, the Neutral Zone. It is a space corridor filled with leftover wreckage from the battles and skirmishes that had gone on for hundreds of years. It is a strip that separates the free worlds from those captured by the dreaded Shoultain enemy; a marine race of humanoids that, in spite of their obvious physical differences, are not that much different from humans. Once there, they’re expected to do something that makes everyone on board – including the Captain, Gallen DeWynter, acutely uncomfortable.

Their orders are to hunt for and capture as many enemy crew patrols as possible. The Federation has layers and layers of strict laws dealing with treatment of captured enemy crew. But those who are waiting in the wings for the Meridian to carry out her questionable mission, aren’t concerned with ethics. And they certainly aren’t concerned whether such a dangerous mission will be without casualties.

A Foul and Frightening Tail

A Foul and Frightening Tail
A Talking Cat Cozy Mystery

A celebrity target. A criminal pack. The only way to catch these perps is to go off leash…

St. Mateo, the Caribbean Islands. Sophie Carter is still desperate to prove herself. Despite her track record of sniffing out killers, the aspiring reporter fears she has a high hill to climb before she hits it big. So she quickly collars the chance at a once-in-a-lifetime scoop when a famous actress’s assistant is found murdered.

Relying on a helping paw from her talkative feline sidekick, Sophie uncovers a dog-napping conspiracy with an astonishing tie to British royalty. But the duo’s suspicions bristle when their prime suspect points them to the dead woman’s diary and a freshly dug pile of shady secrets.

When fate throws Sophie a bone, can she bring the culprit to heel before she writes her own obituary?

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Inkfort 2023 Derby - Ends 10/25 - MG,YA,Romance,Mystery,

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