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That time of year

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What's new with Ashleigh?

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes. I’m talking about sniffles, coughs, and fevers.

That’s right. Ashleigh’s sick again. I’ve actually got a mild version of whatever my kids had. Two of them had low-grade fevers for over a week! It wasn’t anything serious. Just a virus (possibly multiple viruses, although we couldn’t be positive). But, even though I didn’t catch the fever, I did get the cough and body aches.

Last week, one of my students at our homeschool co-op told her friend, “Being homeschooled means we don’t get sick days.” That isn’t true in my family. I couldn’t make my kids work with their fevers and horrible headaches. Even when they were feeling better, they still got a couple of extra days off because their teacher was too sick to work with them.

You may have noticed that this newsletter is a day late. That is because I have spent the last few days in bed. Instead of working, I spent the time binge-watching old television shows from my childhood and eating homemade veggie soup. I’m still not functioning at 100%, but I felt bad about not getting this out to everyone. Honestly, I just felt guilty about sitting in bed and not doing anything. I promise I’m not pushing myself, but I just needed to get out of bed today.

What about you?
When you’re sick, what are some of your go-to comforts?

Choose Your Own Path Stories

The Detention Adventure

The Detention Adventure is an interactive young adult story.

Late For Work

Late For Work is an interactive romance story.

A Weekend at Munson Manor

A Weekend at Munson Manor is an interactive mystery story.

Hartfield Chronicles

Hartford Chronicles

Hartfield Chronicles follows the lives of Melinda, Pat, and their friends as they navigate their way through boarding school life. Each episode features two stories, one from Melinda's point of view and one from Pat's, along with an excerpt from Melinda's writing journal. New episodes are published every Wednesday.

Free Books

Path of Heartbeats

Path of Heartbeats

The road to love isn’t always easy, even when heartbeats are connected.

Wylde and Dallas are neighbors with little in common. He sees a stuck-up girl who’s too good for their parties and would rather study than have fun, while Dallas sees a jerk who thinks getting drunk and laid is the key to happiness.

When Wylde’s kid brother shows up unexpectedly, Dallas witnesses the softer side of Wylde and is intrigued. She watches the way he cares for Motley and begins to realize she was wrong about him.

Will the path lead Dallas and Wylde to each other or will the journey through family problems, broken promises, and tragedies be too difficult to endure?

The Widower's Nanny

The Widower's Nanny
FREE Opposites Attract Clean Romance

A Single Dad. A Sassy Nanny. A Forbidden Kiss.

My new boss, Preston, is not thrilled I’m here.
If it weren’t for his mom hiring me, I wouldn’t be here at all.
He’s grumpy with a tough exterior.
But his sweet daughter, Lilly, makes his stubbornness all worth it.

While stuck in a cabin on a stormy day – lines blur between employee and companion.
Preston’s walls crumble, revealing his true heart.
And I’m falling fast.

The touch of his hand ignites a spark.
Our secrets spill under stormy skies.
But I’m at a crossroads, torn between a safe path and a future I didn’t know I wanted.
Whichever direction I choose, I see heartbreak.

The Truth Behind the Masks

The Truth Behind the Masks
Small Town Murder Mystery

I’m Nolan, a co-host of a podcast and my partner has disappeared in the small town of Erie while on a lead for our show.

The thought of what may have happened to him haunts my thoughts.

I won't leave my buddy behind.

I set off and followed his clues in hopes to find him.

What I find may be my worst nightmare.

A local bookstore owner has been the only friendly face in this town. Heck, she is the only one that has been nice to me at all in this strange little town.

The two of us uncover more than either expected. The old books in her store have opened a part of this town's history that most want to keep secret.

Unfortunately, the deeper we investigate, the more trouble we find.

Will this be more than I can handle? I sure hope not.

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Other Books on Sale

Basketballs and Mistletoe

Basketballs and Mistletoe
All's Fair in Love and Sports Series

Too many basketballs and not enough kissing.

All Matt Bailey wants is to focus on his position as starting point guard for the varsity basketball team. When an epic kiss and a social media scandal forces him into the arms of the beautiful and spunky Trina Wynter, he finds himself in a fake relationship with a girl just crazy enough to think she can take on the world.

When Trina gets cut from the girls’ basketball team, she thinks her senior year is wasted, until a closetful of basketballs and two hundred sprigs of mistletoe bring every athlete in Grand Haven High School together for a good cause, and a great excuse for more kissing.

Basketballs and Mistletoe is a stand-alone novella in the All’s Fair in Love and Sports Series.

Because of You

Because of You
Coming Home Series Prequel

Before Roger, the engagement ring and a new lease on life,
I was still Margaret Kellerman
and Liam...well he was still my best friend.

Back then, I had only one goal,
make Liam Collins H-O-T!
Well not too much, I didn't want anyone to know,
how amazing he was.

I always said he could use a little work,
so he wouldn't get picked on as much.
Not that he cared either way,
he wasn't one to give into popularity contests.

All he needed was the right look,
a new haircut, wardrobe and he even learned to
stop saying those corny one liners
and having soap box rants.

There's just one thing...


I didn't think he was going to be that hot...without my help.
After the makeover, the unwanted attention
laughter turning into tears and hope became let downs,
I used to think he was my best friend
and because of Liam, I don't anymore.

The Chemist of Escondida

The Chemist of Escondida
Spies of Escondida Book 2

Lucia is in the middle of planning her wedding to Prince Martin when the criminal they put behind bars nearly a year ago, escapes. Determined to find Valeria, Lucia goes to her father, Miguel, to ask for help in catching her again. When she arrives, Miguel introduces his daughter to his newest team member: Bria.

Bria is a skilled spy who excels in all things botany and chemistry related. She is eager to learn from the legendary Miguel. As Bria learns the ins and outs of being on Miguel’s elite team, she also has to keep her composure in the field when she crosses paths with the handsome Carlos.

Carlos is Valeria’s bodyguard and helps her escape prison in Escondida. Also known as the best smuggler in the business, Carlos manages to get a poisonous plant into Escondida where he meets the beautiful Bria, posing as his loyal client.

Can these two find a way to be together or has their love been poisoned by lies and deceit? Join a new spy team as they work to catch the elusive Valeria in this exciting and romantic adventure.

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